Blog Post 118 – Yomu Addresses A Concerned Fan

Umai Yomu Anime Blog,  post 118.

The posts have been slowing down lately. What has gotten into Yomu? He used to be so energetic and funny in his somewhat frequent posts. Lately it’s all been Anime A to Z posts, which all turned out to be reviews. I miss the old Yomu, who reviewed reviews and published all sorts of CRAZY groundbreaking content. The old Yomu, who took the blogging sphere by storm and won Rookie Anime WordPress Blogger of the Year (citation needed). The Yomu who dazzled the world with his poetry, and became a prestigious elite in the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers, along with many, many other renowned titles. It feels as if a shadow has been cast upon the blinding light that was Yomu’s blogging career….

A Concerned Fan
(Definitely Not Yomu)

We’ve made it to blog post 118! Nothing special about this number, but here we are.

The thing is, I recently was contacted by a fan of mine… and they expressed deep concerns as to my blogging activity of late. And you know what? My fan is right. Whoever wrote these concerns is clearly an extremely intelligent and fantastic individual, I bet we would get along very well.

In response to these concerns, I’ve decided to write a blog post with no real structure.


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How Edgy Is Too Edgy? Yomu & EdgyAnimeTeen Find Out – Divine Gate Eps 1-3 Commentary (Collab)

So a while back I had this idea to re-watch the worst anime I have ever seen, Divine Gate. A few years ago I tried watching it and only made it to episode 5 before dropping it – making it my only dropped anime to this day. And instead of suffering alone, I thought it’d be fun to make a collab out of this: watching a bad anime and commenting on it.

Something like that at least. Naturally I had to ask our resident edgy expert EdgyAnimeTeen if he was interested, because Divine Gate takes edge to it’s absolute extremes.

And that’s what led to this collab!
We will be commenting on Divine Gate in blocks of three episodes, starting with this post covering episodes 1-3.


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