Wasted Potential x7

Sometimes when I want to write something I’ll pop over to MyAnimeList to take a look at my list and look for ideas. Lucky for me, someone came up with a nice idea for me thanks to the “recent comments'” section on the frontpage.

What are some anime that had great potential but squandered it?

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Sunshine Blogger 2.0

Unless I get tagged for something else, this should be it for all the tag posts for a while! We’ll see, but it’s looking like this is it for now.

It’s been fun just writing a bunch of Q&A blog posts.

Let’s just get right into this one!

First, a song to set a nice warm tone..
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Real Neat Blog Award Round… 3?

I think it’s 3.

Maybe it’s 4 though, I did a quick search on my blog but I didn’t feel like going through older pages because it’s not infinite scroll on the search page. If I ever find out I’m wrong, I can just void a post from existence, and you’ll never know that I was wrong anyways.

So we’ll go with 3.

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Blog Post #404

The number was purely a coincidence. While I’m writing this several days before it will be published, if I counted correctly, it will be post #404 on the blog. So that’s pretty neat.

Anyways, I feel like with the last few seasons, jumping into episodic posts, and writing posts for Ecchi Hunter, I’ve fallen into a pattern where I feel like I’m missing that personal touch I once had on the blog. It’s also been quite some time since my last true blog post, so I figured may as well get two birds here and write one!

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Celebrating the Sunshine Blogger Award!

While it certainly has been a while since the Umai Yomu Anime Blog last received an award, this is certainly not the first time. As you know, this is a critically acclaimed blog – providing all of the best and correct takes on everything anime. Otherwise known as the best blog ever (although I guess some other blogs come close).

The real surprise here is how this blog hasn’t received MORE awards than it already has. Quite the mystery, don’t you think?

president kurimu sakurano

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The Anime A to Z Awards!

Welcome, one and all, to the Anime A to Z awards!
(Sponsored by EcchiHunter.com – all of your favourite ecchi content, in one place!)

Highlighting many of the titles this challenge had to offer, from unexpected and hidden gems to unique and interesting, being forced to select anime based on the alphabet has allowed for the discovery of many anime I normally would not have watched.

And what better way to commemorate some of these anime but with awards?
In addition to the awards I’ve already given them, of course.

I will be handing out 10 awards across multiple categories, as well as nominating anime for these categories. Yes, this awards post is stacked, and yes, it’s rigged as I am both nominating anime and choosing the winners. I prefer to use the word “guided”, as I guide the awards to the appropriate anime.

Here we go!

Winners get to take home this lovely watermelon!

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