How To: Write a WordPress Post Using the Gutenberg Block Editor

It feels like it’s time for another post on the “new” WordPress post editor: Gutenberg.

I’ve written about Gutenberg several times before (first this, then this). At first, I forced myself to try it due to the various benefits that had been told to me by Lynn “The Early Adopter” Sheridan, AKA The Otaku Author. I flip-flopped back and forth between it and the Classic Editor, ruining many posts (don’t convert from the block editor to classic, it ruins your post and you’ll have to fix so many things), and then eventually gave in again and went back to Gutenberg.

It’s been a hotbed of criticism from other bloggers, but I feel like maybe some other bloggers haven’t taken the time to learn how to really make use of the block editor’s features when it comes to constructing a post. And so, I’ll go over how I use the editor to make posts in what I consider to be a very easy and convenient way.

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Why are you embarrassed?

Another idea has crossed my mind in a similar vein to the last blog post I wrote about life and how anime stories can alter our perspective / expectations of it.

But this one tackles something else that we often see and experience in life.
And while the idea was inspired by an experience I had here in Japan, the topic itself is far from exclusive to Japan.

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Blogger Recognition Award 3: Blog Hard With A Vengeance

Well well well, look what we have here folks.
Another Blogger Recognition Award.

I don’t mean to brag, but, this is the third one I’ve won now.
Look, some blogs are just better than others. That’s just how it is.
And this happens to be one of the best blogs to ever exist,
second only to The Joe Rogan Experience.

Long post theme:

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Japan Life Update: School Edition

So I was going to write another list post about random tidbits you maybe didn’t know about Japan schools, but first I figured I’d give an update on where I’m at and what’s going on in regards to that!

Also because I ended up including a bunch of disclaimers that took up half the post last time before realizing I should just throw this info all in one post. So the list will come later.

Post theme:

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I'm going to be honest with you all, I've never read a light novel before. (Anime Light Novel Title Tag)

Welcome to the Anime Light Novel Title Tag Challenge Award.

It’s the tag where we take an anime, and then we proceed to spoil the plot in a long-form title. Devised by Dewbond, it’s quite the tag. Somehow, despite everyone choosing different anime and writing different titles, they all somehow feel the same. What is it about the light novel title that does this?

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