Anime Word Association Round 2

A while back I did some anime word association, and I enjoyed it. And considering that’s what’s important, I’m back for some more!

The gist of this game is that I generate a random word here on and then write about the FIRST anime that comes to mind. Then I explain how I arrived at that anime. Plus bonus thoughts about the word, if I come up with anything.


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Never Seen Before Review: Vie Durant

That’s right. Today’s post is quite the treat! A never seen before review of the anime Vie Durant. And that sentence is no mistake: I have never seen this anime before, but I’m going to review it anyways.

So I was perusing through some anime on MyAnimeList for a different idea of mine, and I ended up in the vampire category. And that’s when I saw Vie Durant. I thought, “this anime looks awful, judging by the score”. I decided around then that I’d review the anime, but save myself the time of actually watching it. Best of both worlds right?

We have our cake and eat it too, here on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog.


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