Collab Update & Another Blog Post!

I wanted to write a post just to officially confirm details for the collab!
(If you don’t know what it is you can read about it here).

The anime will be This Art Club Has a Problem!.
The collab will begin on Jan 7th.

Everyone is welcome to join in!

Stay tuned for my post with episode 1 themes at 12pm (EST) on Jan 7th.
I think I’ve come up with some good ones to choose from!

Most of the responses I received regarding the anime choice were in relation to This Art Club Has a Problem!. I apologize if you were more interested in True Tears – but maybe this anime can be used in a future collab or something (I have a few other ideas, but one collab at a time!), because I was also a bit interested in the anime, which is why I suggested it as a potential option. I guess we’ll see!

So yeah, mainly wanted to confirm that now so you all have a few days notice at least before I post the epsiode 1 themes. I think you probably already knew this or figured as much, but hey might as well get the official word out.


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Old vs. New Anime + I’m Back!!

I’m back in Ontario! After approx. 48 hours of driving across Canada, I’m back at home in Ontario. I probably shouldn’t be posting on my blog right now seeing as I’ve been up for 36 or so hours, but I want to wait till the evening to sleep so I don’t mess up my sleep schedule. So enjoy this sleep deprived post 🙂

My only camera is my old Galaxy S3 phone (wide angle lens) and I didn’t get any good pictures, everything looks tiny with this phone camera. Wish I had some nice pictures to share, sorry! Also this was my second time making this trip, and it was still pretty rough at times. Lots of driving, and my car doesn’t have cruise control.
That being said, some quick tidbits from the trip:

  • Road construction sucks (I know its necessary but..).
  • There is no traffic in the prairies, even their rush hour is a joke (might just be my Ontario bias here).
  • The scenery is amazing – mountains, rolling hills, flat fields, trees, lakes and more!
  • Ontario is literally half the drive – I can drive from Vancouver to Winnipeg in the time it takes to drive from Winnipeg to Toronto.
  • Lake Superior might as well be the ocean as far as I’m concerned.
  • The Trans-Canada highway is amazing.
  • Sunrise / sunset in the prairies is breathtaking.
  • The 401 (Ontario highway) still sucks.

Yomu is back in Ontario baby!

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