7 Anime Clichés I Could Live Without

Anime is a pretty amazing space, full of countless series across many genres. To someone new to watching anime, this can look like a new horizon of ideas and creativity. To a degree this is definitely true, and anime can get away with much more ambitious scenes and ideas than traditional media because it is not limited by physical filming and production. But despite this huge advantage over regular media, we still see many ideas used over and over again. While I don’t particularly have a problem with reused ideas, there are some clichés that I’ve seen enough of and am ready to graduate from. Here are 7 anime clichés that I would not miss if they were never used again.

“Hello Internet Police? You better send someone quick this guy is criticizing anime again.”

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The Ol’ Turncoat Trope

Yet another aspect of many anime (particularly action / shounen types) that I enjoy is the turncoat. I couldn’t help but notice – it is used VERY frequently. I’ve seen this trope used to much that I find it very easy to identify the turncoat character(s) in anime.

What is the turncoat? It’s the antagonist character that is defeated (usually early in an anime), and returns later on in the story to join forces with the protagonist to combat a new threat. Usually they change from “enemy that must be defeated at all costs” to “friendly rival character”. The most classic example of some turncoat characters are from Dragonball Z – both Piccolo and Vegeta are villains that end up becoming core member’s of the Z fighters (the good guys).

Vegeta was always my favourite DBZ character.

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