"Anime" Studio Challenge: 1theK's Blue Hawaii (ft. Crush, Penomeco) (Review)

Well this isn’t really an anime, it’s an animated music video for a song.

The thing is, it’s technically on the studio / producers list, and it gives me something to write about. So it checks two boxes, and it only took me 4 minutes to watch! I’m all about getting some efficient entries into this challenge, considering how long it’ll take!

Plus in this case, you can all watch it too!
Some niche content right here, at least I’m guessing so based on the views.

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暁Records – First Memory / Next Memory

This is it folks, the final song on the Akatsuki Records Youtube channel. After this it’ll probably be only once every few months, depending on how often they release new PVs for songs.

And I’ve saved the best for last.
Or at least, the longest for last.

I’m still not sure where I’d rate this one, but here it is: First Memory / Next Memory, a song that is essentially two songs in one! I believe they are separate songs on the official album, but for their YouTube it seems they decided to string them together.

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暁Records – THE SHOW

We’ve only got two more Akatsuki songs left to look at on their official YouTube page. Who would have guessed that we’d run out so soon?

But then again, who could have guessed that I’d keep these Akatsuki posts going so long?

Today’s song is THE SHOW (Remake).
Just like with ENDLESS FANTASY, this seems to be a shorter version of the actual song, also only clocking in at 2 minutes. The full song is probably longer, at 4-5 minutes like most of their songs.

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Not sure how I hadn’t gotten to this one yet, but that’s all right because I’ll be covering it today.

The Akatsuki track this time is ENDLESS FANTASY, or more specifically, ENDLESS FANTASY Remake. I never heard the original though, but I have a theory as to what the “remake” is, which I’ll bring up once we get into it!

First we need the song!

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