Sequel Pls – Tokyo Ravens

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There are times when I want to write something, but don’t have anything in mind to write about. It’s times like these where I browse my anime list and see if I can’t think up a topic – like this one!

It’s something we talk about pretty frequently in regards to anime:
There are just so many unfortunate situations where a deserving anime is deprived of a sequel.

Consider this an open letter to the powers out there that create anime.
Or a series of open letters, I should say.

I was originally just writing a single post of desired sequels, but it became so long that I realized it would be pretty tedious to actually read. It basically looked like one of those posts that is just asking for people to just read the headers and skim the rest.

So as a result, here is the first anime on the list – Tokyo Ravens.

“Uh.. could I get a sequel pls? Hold the mushrooms this time.”

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