School-Live! / Gakkou Gurashi! Review

Finally, I’m actually writing a review of an anime I’ve recently watched!

Honestly, if I just remember to take a couple screencaps as I go, my desire to actually write the review goes up because I don’t have to go back and get some screencaps after the fact. Even if that would only take a few minutes.

Anyways, the anime this time around is School-Live!

Due to the nature of the anime, while this is going to be a mostly spoiler-free review, I’m going to warn that there may be spoilers anyways. This is the type of anime that I feel is best gone into completely blind.

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School-Live! Opening Analysis

Recently I finished School-Live! / Gakou Gurashi!, and I loved it. All of the details and foreshadowing, all of the moments that occur and make you realize “I should have seen that coming!” afterwards… There were definitely a few for me.

And so instead of covering each individual episode, I wanted to cover perhaps the most interesting foreshadowing aspect of School-Live!: the opening!

School-Live! / Gakkou Gurashi! Spoilers Ahead!!!

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