Rozen Maiden (2013) Review

With season one and season two out of the way, it’s time to look at the third and final season of Rozen Maiden.

As you know, I ended up really enjoying the original two seasons of Rozen Maiden.
Jumping right into the more recent 2013 rendition of Rozen Maiden was something else.
In a good way!

Going to write this with minimal spoilers, like I did with the last two.
If you STILL aren’t convinced on Rozen Maiden, then perhaps this final review will do something about that!


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Rozen Maiden S2 Review

As stated in my Rozen Maiden S1 Review, Rozen Maiden was the anime I chose for the letter R of the anime A to Z challenge. I have finished both S1 and S2, and am currently watching the third season that aired in 2013.

If you haven’t yet read it, I would recommend reading my S1 review before this one – especially if you haven’t seen Rozen Maiden S1 / S2. Rozen Maiden S2 is a direct continuation of S1, so many aspects of the first season carry over.


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Anime A to Z – R: Rozen Maiden (S1)

It’s been a month since I’ve advanced with the Anime A to Z challenge!
I have actually now finished both S1 and S2 of Rozen Maiden, but I am going to write about S2 in a seperate post. I also plan on watching the third season / alternate 2013 version.

I wanted to pick something longer to watch, considering the last two anime I covered were 1 and 2 episodes long.

Still, I’m a bit surprised myself that it’s taken me a month to watch 24 episodes!
It’s not Rozen Maiden‘s fault though – I’ll take the blame for this one.

shinku rozen maiden.jpg

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