9 Anime on the Rewatch List

Lately I’ve been seeing anime come up that I’ve been wanting to rewatch for quite some time. My most recent rewatch would be that bunny girl anime, which feels less like a rewatch and more like an extended watch, because I just watched it twice in a row.

Anyone else just scroll through your anime list every once in a while?

I do it pretty often, and when I realize that I can’t remember half of the anime I’ve seen beyond a few details, I know it’s primetime for some rewatches.


So much nostalgia!

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A No Game No Life: Zero Rewatch

I just rewatched No Game No Life: Zero, even though it’s only been about a month from when I first watched it. Part of me just thought it’d be fun to watch again, and that maybe I’d get some inspiration / motivation from watching it a second time.

Not really sure where I wanted to go with this post though!
If you haven’t seen NGNL: Zero, you should definitely check it out. It’s the best anime movie I’ve ever seen (I haven’t seen too many though..) and while it’s a “prequel” to No Game No Life, I think it’d still make for a good standalone movie. That said, it definitely makes sense to watch No Game No Life beforehand – or maybe it’d be neat to watch NGNL: Zero first? The movie does spoil a little bit of NGNL though.

Speaking of which, there will be NGNL: Zero spoilers in this post.

Riku Schwi.jpg

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