Ikkitousen Episode 12 – Totaku’s Fall

Last episode, Hakufu and Ryomou had gone to visit Totaku as he had infected Hakufu’s body with some sort of energy / poison that only he can remove. He asked Hakufu to take down Ryofu for him.

Also, Saji knocked Koukin out when he was looking for Gakushu. With both Koukin and Gakushu captive, we found out that Saji has been the one issuing orders as Enjytsu, who we know is dead.

What could possibly happen next?

Ryofu Entrance.jpg

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Clannad Episode 8 – Forgetting Fuko: The Episode

The tale of Ibuki Fuko continues…

Last episode we left off with the realization that people are starting to forget about Fuko. And this episode is essentially the results of that new development.

Clannad Sunset Fuko.jpg

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Date A Live: Season One Review

With the first season done with, I figure I may as well recap my thoughts of it. Oftentimes I lump multiple seasons of an anime into a singular review, but with the exception of direct sequels (ex. shounen anime), anime can really change across different seasons.

I don’t have any memory of Date A Live season two, but there’s always the chance that the anime strays from it’s season one formula. And so, it’s only fair I review it separately, while season one is still fresh in my mind.

So, how was Date A Live Season One?

date a live tohka tsundere

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Circlet Princess Episode 10 Review

Hello friends, and welcome back for another episode of Circlet Princess.

Two more episodes to go after this one, maybe I should just dedicate the next two Saturdays to it and finish it off so I can get a full series review out… I might just do that.

In the meantime, it seems Circlet Princess is setting up for the finale.

Circlet Princess Club.jpg

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