Anime Studio Challenge: 1st PLACE's Mekakucity Actors (Spoiler-free Review)

Another studio / producer with only a single entry. Seeing as I know that Mekakucity was done by studio Shaft, 1st PLACE must be a producer. One of many from the looks of it. Once again it makes me think that sometimes a “producer” is created for a single anime. Or perhaps, it’s a mistake on MAL, I don’t know for sure.

Maybe I’ll learn more about this stuff as we go.
I ended up getting another rewatch here, with Mekakucity Actors.

An anime I’ve held some strong opinions on in the past, and the anime that brought us the beautiful seagull I use as a favicon for this blog!
We’ve come full circle!

Welcome back, old friend.
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Bakemonogatari Episode 5 – Mayoi Snail, Part Three

Koyomi Araragi snuck out of his house on Mother’s Day in order to avoid his family. While at Namishiro Park, he runs into Hitagi Senjougahara, as well as a lost elementary school girl named Mayoi Hachikuji. While trying to help Mayoi find her way, they soon realize that there is more to her than it seems – Mayoi is afflicted by a lost snail, preventing her from finding her way.

Hitagi leaves to meet up with Oshino in order to find a solution, and in the meantime Tsubasa Hanekawa arrives at the park, as she too wanted to leave her home for the day. Hitagi is now on her way back with the strategy given to her by Oshino…

The time has come for everything to come together.

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Bakemonogatari Episode 4 – Mayoi Snail, Part Two

On Sunday May 14th, Koyomi Araragi came across a lost elementary school girl named Mayoi Hachikuji. Due to his kind nature, Koyomi was able to strong-arm Mayoi into letting him help her find the place she was seeking, with Hitagi’s help.

And that leads us to Part Two of Mayoi Snail.

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Anime Studio Challenge: 12 Diary Holders' Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (Review)

So the studio / producer this time is 12 Diary Holders, which only has Mirai Nikki under their belt, on MAL at least. I imagine this was something created specifically for Mirai Nikki, given the name.

Makes me wonder why someone would do that, or what the reasoning for it is, like if it was for marketing purposes. Anyways, this challenge isn’t really about the studios / producers themselves, and more about watching anime.

The anime this time is Mirai Nikki!
This review will be spoiler-free, with nothing spoiled beyond what is already mentioned in the anime’s synopsis on MAL.

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Bakemonogatari Episode 1 – Hitagi Crab, Part One

Monogatari, the series that I’d been planning on rewatching for a third time since 2017. It’s time to start diving into this series, one episode at a time. These will be more long-form posts, however I may not cover everything. Whatever I think is worth pointing out in an episode, I’ll point out.

And of course, knowing all that I know from the series, there will be times where I hint at connections to future events, but I will try to avoid explicit spoilers. I will be pointing out foreshadowing without revealing what is being foreshadowed.

I’ve never gone through this series one episode at a time like this, so I think this will be quite fun!

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Date A Live S3 Review

Just like with Haruhi, there’s something a bit sad about finishing a series off after writing about it semi-regularly for almost an entire year. But here we are, with the Date A Live S3 review.

As this is the third season of Date A Live, there’ll be spoilers.
If you’ve seen previous seasons, you already should have a good idea of what to expect in another season.

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Date A Live S3 E12 – Time Limit

This is it, the final episode of Date A Live Season 3, and I believe the final episode of Date A Live altogether, until Date A Bullet airs (whenever that will be).

I began watching Date A Live on April 25, 2019 and now after almost a year I’ve gotten to the final episode. I believe there was a break or two in there though, between seasons.

Anyways, final episode time.

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