Dimension W Review (Spoiler Free)

Recently finished another anime, also a rewatch, which I’ve been doing a lot recently. Will move onto fresh anime soon, but still enjoying these rewatches for now!

This time it’s Dimension W, an anime I remembered enjoying, but as always, I forgot most of the details. Which made it great for a rewatch. I figured I may as well write a short review for it before moving onto the next rewatch.

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Angel Beats! Review (Spoiler Free)

Another re-watch finished. I swear I’ll get back to Monogatari soon, but I’ve really enjoyed revisiting some of these anime. There’s something nice about watching something that’s a sure thing, because you’ve seen it before!

I think of it like going to a restaurant and ordering the same thing instead of trying something new. Sometimes it’s nice to try new things, but sometimes you just want to order something that you know you’ll enjoy.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Review (Spoiler-Free)

I recently re-watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and seeing as I’ve never written about it, I figured I may as well this time around. Will keep it short though, and spoiler free as usual.

Don’t pay the images too much attention, they were the only three I grabbed from the series because I liked them. This post isn’t nearly as mysterious as they might indicate.

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Little Busters! & Little Busters!: Refrain Review (Spoiler Free)

So a while back I decided to take a look at Little Busters!. It was something that I’ve come across time and time again when looking around for anime to watch and finally it seemed like a good time to check it out.

And after slowly watching through both seasons of the anime, I can finally write about it!

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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (Spoiler Free Review)

Wasn’t entirely sure what to watch from this studio (A.C.G.T.), so I decided to just go for their highest rated entry – Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World.

I had no idea what to expect, what this anime is about, nothing. Just one glance at the poster on MAL and that was it. It seemed like it was going to be something sort of intense maybe. In the end, Kino no Tabi ended up being unlike any other anime I’ve seen.

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Sakurada Reset Review (Spoiler Free)

Next on the list is A-Sketch.

Once again we’ve reached a studio / producer (producer this time) that had several good looking options to choose from. Noragami, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Sakurada Reset, and the recently aired Kakushigoto.

Well, I’d already seen the first two on that list (Yamada-kun twice). So it ended up being between Sakurada Reset and Kakushigoto. I ended up deciding on Sakurada Reset because of the mystery tag.

So, how was it?

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Urawa no Usagi-chan Review (Spoiler-Free)

The review this time around is Urawa no Usagi-chan, by studio A-Real.

A series of short 3-minute episodes, this anime was created to try and advertise the city / ward of Urawa, in Saitama, Japan.

Now if you look at it on a map, Urawa is just swallowed up inside what I’d call the Greater Tokyo Area, although I don’t know the exact borders of such a thing. It’s just not distinctly separate from the rest of the sprawling metropolis that begins in Tokyo and moves outwards in all directions.

But I guess someone in the Urawa city governance decided to try something bold to entice people to visit, and so this anime was created.

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