ShinRa-Bansho – 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria)

When I heard this one, I had to write a post for it.
YouTube’s autoplay feature has been giving me a lot of ShinRa-Bansho to listen to lately, I guess the algorithm favours them fairly well after all of the Akatsuki I’ve listened to.

The song this time is called 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria).

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"Anime" Studio Challenge: 1theK's Blue Hawaii (ft. Crush, Penomeco) (Review)

Well this isn’t really an anime, it’s an animated music video for a song.

The thing is, it’s technically on the studio / producers list, and it gives me something to write about. So it checks two boxes, and it only took me 4 minutes to watch! I’m all about getting some efficient entries into this challenge, considering how long it’ll take!

Plus in this case, you can all watch it too!
Some niche content right here, at least I’m guessing so based on the views.

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Bakemonogatari Episode 11 – Tsubasa Cat, Part One

With the aberrations that were afflicting Nadeko dealt with, it’s time to move onto the next issue at hand. While on the surface she seems perfect, underneath lies various layers of stress. Tsubasa Hanekawa is next on the list.

And she’s a repeat offender, with her own aberration – Black Hanekawa.

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ShinRa-Bansho – Netaminity Theatre "666"

Well now that I’m just branching out to other official Touhou YouTube channels, I have to cover this song next.

I don’t know much of anything about ShinRa-Bansho, but I do recognize one of the arrangers, kaztora, who I believe does the arrangements for songs by another group – Liz Triangle. Not sure if they have a YouTube page of their own though, haven’t seen one, but Liz Triangle worked on First / Next Memory with Akatsuki Records.

Anyways, this isn’t about them, but ShinRa-Bansho.
They’ve got a lot of great songs, so I guess we’ll learn more about them as we go, starting here.

This song is called Netaminity Theatre “666”, and it’s one of ShinRa-Bansho’s popular songs, although they have others with even more views than this one! Don’t mind the freaky thumbnail!

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Bakemonogatari Episode 8 – Suruga Monkey, Part Three

Recently Koyomi Araragi met Suruga Kanbaru, underclassman and friend of Hitagi Senjougahara from middle school. In addition to being attacked by Suruga, he learned about her love for Hitagi, and her left arm which had been consumed by a lesser demon – a Rainy Devil.

A demon that will take one’s soul in exchange for three wishes.
And Suruga has already used two.

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Bakemonogatari Episode 7 – Suruga Monkey, Part Two

We’ve now been introduced to Suruga Kanbaru, an athletic underclassman who has a past with Hitagi Senjougahara. After meeting Suruga, Koyomi Araragi began collecting information on her and her history with Hitagi. And that night, he was attacked by a monster in a raincoat.

Hitagi then arrives to find Koyomi on the ground, covered in blood.

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Anime Studio Challenge: 1st PLACE's Mekakucity Actors (Spoiler-free Review)

Another studio / producer with only a single entry. Seeing as I know that Mekakucity was done by studio Shaft, 1st PLACE must be a producer. One of many from the looks of it. Once again it makes me think that sometimes a “producer” is created for a single anime. Or perhaps, it’s a mistake on MAL, I don’t know for sure.

Maybe I’ll learn more about this stuff as we go.
I ended up getting another rewatch here, with Mekakucity Actors.

An anime I’ve held some strong opinions on in the past, and the anime that brought us the beautiful seagull I use as a favicon for this blog!
We’ve come full circle!

Welcome back, old friend.
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