Hitsugi no Chaika Review (Spoiler Free)

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess, another anime that I’d recently re-watched and finished.

Like many others, I’d basically forgotten everything about it, except for some of the major points. While it’s technically two seasons, totaling 22 episodes, they’re connected in a way that makes this just one complete story. And so, this review is technically for both Hitsugi no Chaika and Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle.

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Blood Lad Review (Spoiler Free)

I’ve been watching quite a few anime lately.

Well, re-watching quite a few.

I know that there are probably quite a few great newer anime that I’ve yet to see, as well as quite a few older anime that I’ve not yet watched and would enjoy quite a bit. But then, there are also quite a few anime that I’ve already seen, quite enjoyed, and wanted to see again. Because I knew I’d enjoy them quite a bit going in.

And this time it’s Blood Lad, which I first saw quite a few years ago, and didn’t quite remember much from it.
Perfect re-watch material!

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Dimension W Review (Spoiler Free)

Recently finished another anime, also a rewatch, which I’ve been doing a lot recently. Will move onto fresh anime soon, but still enjoying these rewatches for now!

This time it’s Dimension W, an anime I remembered enjoying, but as always, I forgot most of the details. Which made it great for a rewatch. I figured I may as well write a short review for it before moving onto the next rewatch.

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Angel Beats! Review (Spoiler Free)

Another re-watch finished. I swear I’ll get back to Monogatari soon, but I’ve really enjoyed revisiting some of these anime. There’s something nice about watching something that’s a sure thing, because you’ve seen it before!

I think of it like going to a restaurant and ordering the same thing instead of trying something new. Sometimes it’s nice to try new things, but sometimes you just want to order something that you know you’ll enjoy.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Review (Spoiler-Free)

I recently re-watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and seeing as I’ve never written about it, I figured I may as well this time around. Will keep it short though, and spoiler free as usual.

Don’t pay the images too much attention, they were the only three I grabbed from the series because I liked them. This post isn’t nearly as mysterious as they might indicate.

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