Kubikiri Cycle – How Much Is Too Much? (Rant / Thoughts)

Just finished the Kubikiri Cycle, figured I might as well write about it!

The thing is, I actually watched the first 7 episodes, then proceeded to watch 30 episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, before coming back and watching (skimming) the final 8th episode.

And you know what? That says a lot about how I feel about Kubiriki Cycle.

Kubikiri Cycle spoilers ahead.
Also, Kubikiri Cycle rant ahead.


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New Rant

Ok so my post about Mekakucity Actors wasn’t really a rant, and was more just me voicing my disappointment. Well I found something else that disappointed me. Just finished the anime Black Bullet and I feel like it had much more potential (just like I felt with Mekakucity Actors, but in a different way). I’ve noticed that I really don’t like seeing anime fall short of what it could have been, it just feels so wasteful.

Now for those who haven’t watched Black Bullet, it’s basically about Rentaro Satomi, who is a civil officer that hunts these parasitic creatures called Gastrea in future Tokyo… with his little girl sidekick Enju. When I saw her first introduced I realized – oh, its one of THOSE anime. Apparently having badass civil officers, post apocalyptic world,  monstrous creatures, and decent major characters wasn’t enough, so they decided to attach superhuman little girls to the plot. That’s where I take issue.

Black Bullet spoilers ahead.

Reminds me of Hei from Darker than Black.

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