The Kubikiri Cycle Ep 3. – Yomu (Correctly) Predicts the Murderer

I’ve never been wrong with an anime prediction. You could say that I am an expert at the art of predicting how an anime is going to play out. But I’ve spoken at length about my abilities in another post. So I’ll just cut to the chase here.

I have just finished episode 3 of The Kubikiri Cycle and I can already tell you who the murderer is. I don’t really have anything else I want to write about in regards to the anime, so let’s just jump right into who the mastermind was.

Mild spoiler warning… does it count as spoilers if I bring up details from the second / third episode? Also technically “I could be wrong with my prediction”, although I’m sure we all know by now that I’ll be right. They don’t call me Yomu the Prognosticator for nothing!


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Grancrest Senki Ep1 – Full Season Predictions (Beware: Spoilers Ahead)

In my final thoughts post for Darling in the FranXX, I said that I would correctly predict what happens in the next anime I watched after only seeing episode 1. And I can tell you now, with utmost confidence in my abilities, that I have done it. I really am amazing when it comes to these things. They don’t call me Yomu the Prognosticator for nothing! Last time was just a fluke.


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Darling In The FranXX Eps 1-10 Thoughts

I’m 10 episodes in, and I don’t understand. I thought there was supposed to be something outrageous about Darling in the FranXX? Didn’t it get attention for something like this?

I suppose stuff like that just doesn’t phase a 1st class seasoned veteran anime aficionado like myself.

Anyways, I know what you are thinking: “Yomu, why not just watch to episode 12 and then write about the first half?” The problem is that I’ll run the risk of never actually writing my final thoughts on the anime. So the sooner I write something, the better I think. I might require the last 14 episodes in order to get that post done, you just never know really.

Remember Madoka? I did an episode 1 first impressions and predictions, and where are my final thoughts? Nowhere. Yomu failed to deliver his final thoughts on Madoka, because he promised to watch the movies first and that never actually happened. Madoka final thoughts are stuck in limbo. Sorry everyone.


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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Ep1 Predictions

I did it, I watched the first episode of Madoka!

And I feel like there were a lot of interesting elements packed into the first episode. So I figure, why not write my initial thoughts and predictions down to see how they hold up? Just my impressions from the first episode alone. Not going to write for every single episode, but who knows maybe I’ll write another one halfway through – it depends on how much the anime gets me thinking!

So let’s see how well I can judge the anime based on one episode!


Only disclaimer here is that I knew Madoka was a dark anime going into it, so naturally my predictions have been made with that in mind.

So here we go. I’ll start with my initial predictions.

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