Pastel Memories Is An Anime

It’s been quite the journey following Pastel Memories to completion.
It’s also been a journey writing this post!

After 12 weeks of ups & downs, predictions, funny cafe moments, it’s time to wrap up my thoughts on the anime with this last review. Pastel Memories is an anime, that much I can say for sure. As for what else it is… well..

It’s review time.


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Pastel Memories – Episode 12

This is it folks, the end of Pastel Memories.
Our journey has come to an end with episode 12.

I actually went into this having completely forgotten that we were in the middle of the whole Evangelion “arc” or whatever you’d like to call it. Many aspects of this episode were very uncharacteristic of the anime. A little too late unfortunately, but even then it wasn’t enough to really redeem the series.

I’ll give them credit for trying to create a good ending though.

Small cafe with 12 waitresses, you’d think guys would actually visit just for that.

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Pastel Memories – Episode 11

Almost there folks, just one more episode and we can cross Pastel Memories off the list of… anime.

I may not be the last person still watching this anime, but I must be in a very slim minority of viewers that made it to episode 11. That, in itself, is an achievement if you think about it.

And you know what? Pastel Memories is still better than Divine Gate.
Although… the edgy part of Divine Gate IS pretty funny…


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Pastel Memories – Episode 10 Review

That’s right folks… it’s time for another episodic review of Pastel Memories…
We’ll get through this!

Remember all of those positive words I wrote in my episode 9 review?
There was a glimmer of hope still there for the series.
If that was hard to believe then, it’s a bit harder to believe now.

Pastel Memories Episode 10 – how was it?

dramatic face.jpg
It’s not looking good..

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Pastel Memories – Episode 9 Review

Pastel Memories is turning out to be a bit of a roller coaster ride.
Episode 8 had me convinced that the cafe scenes were going to be the only remotely entertaining parts of the anime!

We received some good content this time around.
Come for the cafe scenes, stay for the actual content.
At this rate, I just have to take each episode individually.

Time for some positivity.
What went right in Pastel Memories episode 9?

hime cut.jpg
Is that a hime cut? You shouldn’t have!

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Pastel Memories – Episode 8 Review

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to watch Pastel Memories episode 8 last week.
I’m sure you all were anxiously waiting too.
My sincerest apologies – you can expect both episode 8 and 9 this week.

We’ve gotten to the point where I’m feeling like a part of the very slim minority of people out there that is still watching Pastel Memories. I plan on finishing what I started here! I chose 2 anime from Winter 2019 to watch weekly – Circlet Princess and Pastel Memories. Circlet Princess fell through because of how difficult it was to find subs on a timely basis (hopefully I can finish it sometime in the future), so Pastel Memories is the last line of defense here.

Besides, you might still change your mind and watch Pastel Memories… right?
Well, at least you have these posts to read instead of actually watching Pastel Memories. That’ll be my motivation going forward – watching Pastel Memories so that you don’t have to!

cat face anime.jpg

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Pastel Memories – Episode 7

I knew my patience would pay off in the end!

The references this episode are Dragon Quest and Ghosts ‘n Goblins!
Pastel Memories thought it could just keep on using obscure references to keep me in the dark, but even I have heard of these two games.

And that’s just about all that needs to be said.

Until next time!

Ok, ok. You’ve called my bluff once again. One of these times though, I’m going to end the post just like that – I promise you it’ll happen. Just you wait.

Pastel Memories Episode 7, go!


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Pastel Memories – Episode 6 Review

I know I decided to write episodic reviews for this series, but I didn’t realize that there wasn’t going to be much to write about! Each episode just feels so straightforward and transparent, that I can’t really go wild with speculation or anything. I guess that’s what I get for watching an anime based on the PV!

Anyways, Pastel Memories Episode 6 time.


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Pastel Memories – Episode 5 Review

One of these episodes I’m going to know the manga / anime reference!
Just not this one, again.

Three different girls (at this point I don’t know any of their names – I just watched the episode and still don’t remember a single name) went into a world about a guy who teaches an elementary school girl shogi. Seems like a pretty boring premise, and a little questionable, just like the last world they went into. But who am I to judge? I’m still watching Pastel Memories on a weekly basis after all.

I’m sure the anime will get better with time..


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Pastel Memories – Episode 4 Review

Pastel Memories Episode 4 – one of these episodes I’ll get the anime reference!
But this one was not it.

The anime world this time around was one about three elementary school girls playing basketball while being coached by a highschool boy. Does this ring any bells for you? I don’t watch sports anime to begin with, so this one was a total miss, assuming it’s referencing a real anime like the previous episodes.


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