This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 7 – The Spirit of the Artist

First off, it looks like I was mistaken about Imari!
She IS a chuuni! Which is great. I thought she was just referencing an anime in the last episode, and that was it – but I guess she is a chuuni in the end.

I was also wrong about Imari joining the art club, so far at least. I think it’ll still happen, but I wonder when. It seems a little odd that last episode she was inseparable from Subaru, and yet in this episode she was just on her own the entire time. I guess they didn’t want to rush Imari into the club too soon. It also looks like Subaru might not be the reason she ends up joining the club, but maybe her new pupil! Very interesting.

Anyways, this post is about the spirit of the artist.

Check out the episode 7 themes list and other theme posts here!

konobi smiles.jpg

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This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 6 – Sealed Powers

Hmm, so it seems I was a little off in my predictions for this episode.
Regardless, we did witness some sealed powers. My expert eye can spot them from a mile away. Let’s pray that the seals never remain unbroken, although I did witness some seals that show signs of wear.

I was also worried that the new character would take the top spot but luckily, Collette is still the best girl in Konobi. At this point I think her position is guaranteed for the rest of the anime.

Turns out the new girl wasn’t a chuuni, and just an otaku referencing an anime, thus appearing like a chuuni in the preview. That’s too bad, but I guess you can’t win them all. We do already have Collette as is, so adding a chuuni would be asking for too much.

Of course, the new girl, Imari, is also very cute. Which makes it difficult on me as I just can’t help but take screencaps of Usami and Collette as it is. It’s hard to show restraint in this area, but I’ll have to try or else I’ll never finish an episode.

Tonight we dive into the sealed powers hidden amongst the students at a certain Japanese high school. Readers beware, this post is not for the lighthearted.


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This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2 – Sometimes It’s the Small Things In Anime

After I had watched episode 2 I realized that maybe I shouldn’t have picked yet another theme that causes me to pay more attention to whats going on in the background.. but that’s what happened. So here we are, with some nice moments from episode 2.

You can find the episode 2 themes list here.
Consider joining in! It’s never too late and puts a fun twist on watching anime.

Sometimes it’s the small things in anime that make it great!

This look reminds me of a certain waitress from another anime…

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