The Many Faces of Koko Hekmatyar

A very interesting character, Koko Hekmatyar.

She is a character that I very much enjoyed in Jormungand. Analysis isn’t exactly my strong suit, or at least it isn’t here on the blog (ironic considering my job title is that of an analyst!). So I figured I’d write this post regarding the many faces of Koko Hekmatyar, and hopefully I can think of some insightful observations as we go.

Either way, I’ve got a lot of Koko screencaps!

Jormungand & Jormungand: Perfect Order Spoilers Ahead!


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Anime A to Z: J – Jormungand & Jormungand: Perfect Order.

So we’ve made it to J, and here is something that I’ve realized so far thanks to this A to Z challenge: there are so many amazing anime out there that I had never heard of! I never started following seasonal anime until around.. Spring 2017? Before that I just found anime from anytime through MAL tags, recommendations, etc.

There is just an entire world of anime out there, and I haven’t heard or seen so much of it. I’m starting to think that focusing on seasonal anime too much has hindered my ability to find these other great anime out there. Who would have thought that just looking for anime alphabetically would turn out so well?

The anime this time is Jormungand & Jormungand: Perfect Order.

You may have guessed that I enjoyed this anime, thanks to this introduction. I’m not very good at holding my opinions until later on in the review am I? I guess the other question here is: why wait? Not that I have an answer to that question.

No major spoilers for this post!


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