5 More Anime Guilty Pleasures

Let’s get some more anime guilty pleasures in here, because a big one just came to me. I’m actually guilty of it as we speak! You may remember that I’ve written a post like this before

Although re-reading it, I don’t feel really guilty about anything I wrote there. So I feel like I should double down with some TRUE guilty pleasures here!

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My Anime… Guilty Pleasures.

We’ve all got those anime that we love that just hit the spot, right?
Ratings, popular opinion, and well thought out arguments mean nothing when it comes to those special anime or anime genres that can do no wrong.

Maybe it’s not a genre, maybe it’s just a single character. Or a type of character. Just something that makes even the most intolerable anime tolerable. Calling it a guilty pleasure may not be the best way to describe it though, because enjoying certain aspects of an anime shouldn’t be associated with guilt.

How about… anime vice? Anime indulgence?

The ecchi take on this idea might be something like … “If it has breasts, I’m in!”.
Anyways, I’ll divulge some of my own anime vices / indulgences here.

jormungand koko hekmatyar

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