Introducing: the ‘Failure to Launch’ Tag!

Recently I thought up a fun idea for a post, or even a series of posts, that I could do here on the blog. However, I realized that this idea of mine would likely be more fun across more blogs than just my own, and I hope you’ll see why shortly.

Also, it’s been a while since we’ve had a tag post going around with a logo, rules and all of that. We could all use more rules in our lives, especially these days, right?

So here’s the premise of this one:

Many stories that we know and love start off on a slow note, giving us a dose of the main character(s) regular life before introducing a ‘call to action’ that kicks them out of regular life and onto a new path that deviates from the norm.

But what if that call to action never happened?
The story would simply… fail to launch!

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