Anime A to Z: D – Devilman Crybaby. My Second Dropped Anime!

D – Devilman Crybaby. You know, I really don’t do enough research when picking these anime. This was a serious case of “I had no idea what I was getting myself into”. Then again, maybe I like that about my methods.

I made it through 4 full episodes, and stopped partway through episode 5. I feel like I deserve some credit for making it even that far – I actually stopped partway through the first episode twice before psyching myself up enough to get through it.

So Devilman Crybaby now joins that ranks of my dropped list, along with Divine Gate. That’s 2 / 362 anime dropped. Dropping an anime isn’t something I do often, although I don’t count it as dropped if I stop during or after the first episode alone, like I did with 3-gatsu no Lion. So Divine Gate isn’t alone anymore! How did this happen?

I’ll get to that, but first I’ll say that Devilman Crybaby is a very odd case.

Listening to this guy speak was quite the trial. He almost did me in.

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