Date A Live S2 E2 – Two For One!

Last episode was a little bit of an introduction to S2 of Date A Live.

We’ve learned about a man named Mr. Westcott, who has a lot of pull over the AST and an interest in taking down spirits. We also found out that Shido and Tohka were going on a vacation.. which brings us to this episode!

Date A Live S2 – Mr. Westcott’s Approval Edition
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Date A Live S2 E1 – Goodbye, Forever…?

Continuing on with Date A Live, we are now at the second season!
How will this season pan out compared to the last one?

For the record, while this is technically a rewatch, I don’t remember anything from this season. Maybe my memory will be jogged at times though!

Date A Live S2E1 Kurumi Tokisaki.jpg
Date A Live S2 – Welcome Back, Kurumi Edition

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Date A Live: Season One Review

With the first season done with, I figure I may as well recap my thoughts of it. Oftentimes I lump multiple seasons of an anime into a singular review, but with the exception of direct sequels (ex. shounen anime), anime can really change across different seasons.

I don’t have any memory of Date A Live season two, but there’s always the chance that the anime strays from it’s season one formula. And so, it’s only fair I review it separately, while season one is still fresh in my mind.

So, how was Date A Live Season One?

date a live tohka tsundere

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