Yomu Creates a Story – Music + School + Comedy

Two tag posts in one day? Yomu, you’re crazy! (See other post here).


And with that, it looks like we are back for another glimpse at my literary prowess.

You are all in for an excellent treat. So much so that I couldn’t wait any longer and had to post this tonight.

We should all first thank EdgyAnimeTeen for the nomination that allowed this amazing piece of literature to be created, as well as TPAB / Keiko / Leap for creating the tag and getting it going. It was thanks to all of you that the world has been blessed with possibly one of the greatest stories ever written.


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Grancrest Senki Ep1 – Full Season Predictions (Beware: Spoilers Ahead)

In my final thoughts post for Darling in the FranXX, I said that I would correctly predict what happens in the next anime I watched after only seeing episode 1. And I can tell you now, with utmost confidence in my abilities, that I have done it. I really am amazing when it comes to these things. They don’t call me Yomu the Prognosticator for nothing! Last time was just a fluke.


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Top 12 Recurring Anime Gags

There’s nothing quite like a gag that keeps coming up in anime that while repetitive, manages to make me laugh every time. I’ve watched a few anime recently that gave me the idea of making a list of my favourite recurring gags. The only real requirement for this list is that the gag shows up at least twice. I was a little liberal with this list, and decided to include gag characters, due to their recurring nature.

Also I didn’t count anime where the “gag” is core to the anime itself, for example: Handa Sei (from Handa-kun) and his paranoia. I really enjoyed Handa and his reactions to what was going on around him, but I think that at this level it’s become more than just a gag.


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