Clannad (Episode 14) – Welcome Home

Last episode, Kotomi had shut herself in her home and made the decision to accept some offer to go to school in the US. This was after we learned about her childhood and how her parents died in a plane crash on her birthday.

And, her present-day birthday is coming up. While Kotomi is moping inside, Okazaki and friends have been cleaning up her yard in order to restore it to it’s former glory. But they ripped out all of the grass in doing so, instead of just cutting it. And so the burning question remains – is Okazaki planning on laying down fresh sod?

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Clannad Episode 13 – Garden of Memories

Last episode, we found out that something had happened to Kotomi’s parents. We also discovered that Okazaki knew Kotomi as a child, but in a convenient bout of anime amnesia, he somehow completely forgot about her.

Where will this story go next?

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Clannad Episode 10 – Master of Violin

You know how I know that the Fuko arc is truly over?

That cryptic story about the girl and her little friend made out of junk was the very first scene in this episode. I’m hoping that my opinion of it changes as it becomes more relevant to the story, but at the moment it’s just sort of annoying seeing these little clips of the girl and the junk friend.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the play that the theatre club ends up putting on, or something like this. There’s probably more to it than that too, so I’ll try my best to pay attention.

Clannad Ep10 Kotomi Violin4.jpg

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