Clannad Episode 19 – Familial Woes

Well, last episode was something else. Not the saddest arc ending, but definitely the most climactic and unexpected in many ways. But we must move forward! Tomoyo is now the student council president, so let’s see where things go with the theatre club.

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Clannad Episode 18 – Suspicions Confirmed, Fears Realized

Last episode Nagisa got sick, and Okazaki decided to help Tomoyo in her bid for student council president in order to work towards the formation of the theatre club. Okazaki’s help ended in him taking the fall for a fight outside the school gates on Tomoyo’s behalf…

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Clannad Episode 17 – Fight!

Last episode Okazaki, Sunohara, and Kyou played a mean game of basketball and managed to beat the basketball team in a exhibition match, albeit just barely.

The plan was to get the choir club to let the theatre club have Koumura-sensei as their club advisor after seeing the hard fought match. We haven’t seen how that’s played out just yet, but we should find out this episode!

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Clannad (Episode 14) – Welcome Home

Last episode, Kotomi had shut herself in her home and made the decision to accept some offer to go to school in the US. This was after we learned about her childhood and how her parents died in a plane crash on her birthday.

And, her present-day birthday is coming up. While Kotomi is moping inside, Okazaki and friends have been cleaning up her yard in order to restore it to it’s former glory. But they ripped out all of the grass in doing so, instead of just cutting it. And so the burning question remains – is Okazaki planning on laying down fresh sod?

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