Circlet Princess Episode 4 Review

So far, Circlet Princess has been an all right anime. I would say that it ranks below similar 1-on-1 fighting anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight and even Asterisk War, but it’s still an OK watch. I’m glad that I’ve been watching it weekly, because Id probably have trouble binging it.

This week’s episode featured some more circlet bout action, as well as some character development for Reina.

union academy.jpg

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Circlet Princess Episode 3 Review

Last week I took at look at episode 2 of Circlet Princess after a long hiatus on this series, due to the difficulty of finding subbed episodes. But that drought is over now, and it’s time for more Circlet Princess with episode 3!

So far I think the best way to summarize this anime would be: fighting girls + fanservice, a tried and true combo for many anime out there.

reina sister.jpg

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Circlet Princess Episode 2 Review

And we’re back with more Circlet Princess after that riveting first episode that I covered… 4 months ago?!

Actually that sounds about right.
I had chosen Circlet Princess as an anime to cover from Winter 2019, but due to my inability to speak Japanese, and the lack of subbed material, I had to hold off. Until now!

We’re back in business baby!
Episode 2 here we come!

sasaki yuuka.jpg

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