The Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor – An Update

It’s been quite some time since I first wrote about Gutenberg, the not-so-new-anymore block editor that has been introduced into WordPress.

I’ve now been using Gutenberg for the better part of a year.
So I figure I may as well share my thoughts!

vandread pai check
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2020 and the Umai Yomu Anime Blog – Future Plans

With my 2019 reflections, and my big announcement out of the way, let’s talk 2020 and the Umai Yomu Anime Blog, and make this upcoming year another great one!

Relevant post theme:

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Celebrating The Achievement Unlocked Award!

You know, there’s been a bit of a tag post drought so far in 2019!
So it’s nice to get another one after what feels like a very long time!

Let’s see… it’s been a little over two months since I’ve published a tag post / award on this blog.  Well, it feels like a long time at least. But that’s about to change, because I’ve been nominated for a few awards recently!

The award this time around is the Achievement Unlocked Award.
Nomination is courtesy of Lynn Sheridan! Thanks!
(Check out our Sankarea Collaboration! First post here.).

nodoka toyohama

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Selecting A Best Girl

Lately I’ve been selecting best girls from the anime that I watch.
This harkens back to a time where I used to try and maintain a favourite female anime character, aka a waifu.

I remember when I started out watching anime, I used to think to myself “This girl will be my waifu”. And then I would promptly forget about them or move on.
(Sorry Kaname Chidori. At least I remember you, for what it’s worth).

This was a poor reflection on either my judgement, or my loyalty. It happened several times and I realized that waifus are just not for me. I was just selecting them for the sake of it, and so I stopped doing it completely. No more keeping a girl as my favourite, just in case I needed to drop that knowledge (I never did, not even once).


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100 Followers Q&A Extravaganza!

Hey everyone, I’m back with answers to your questions! Also I really wanted to include extravaganza in the title of at least one of my posts, so this really worked out well.

I originally had an idea that I wanted to use for my 100 followers celebration, but I couldn’t make it happen just yet. I’ll post it at some point though for sure. I’m sorry I couldn’t surprise you all just yet. It’ll be worth the wait though!

I didn’t expect so many questions! I’m glad I asked for them though, seeing as my other idea isn’t ready yet!

Once again, thank you everyone who has been a part of this blog so far, from reading my posts, to following, to commenting! I truly appreciate all of it.


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