Is empathy a virtue?

Let’s move away from what I’ve been writing about recently in regards to making efforts to improve oneself and instead look at something else.

It’s something that I’ve definitely thought about a lot recently, but I hadn’t felt the desire to write about it until I read Ethan_07’s post that talks about stories can invoke feelings of empathy from us.

This time though, I’m not going to try to make any relations to anime, it’s just my personal thoughts on empathy itself.

Been listening to the FFX soundtrack quite a bit lately, so that’s the post theme for this one:

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Don’t forget about reality.

I’m back with another one of these lifey blog posts.

Last time I wrote about how we need to make a conceited effort to improve our lives, that we can’t just sit back and wait for things to change or get better on their own.

This time I had another thought that I wanted to write about that’s in a similar vein, but also offers a different perspective.

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Why are you embarrassed?

Another idea has crossed my mind in a similar vein to the last blog post I wrote about life and how anime stories can alter our perspective / expectations of it.

But this one tackles something else that we often see and experience in life.
And while the idea was inspired by an experience I had here in Japan, the topic itself is far from exclusive to Japan.

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Should the Underdog Always Win in Anime?

My recent Unpopular Opinions post, specifically the question asking about “a trope that I’m tired of” or something along those lines, left me wanting to write more about the topic.

This one isn’t even really exclusive to anime, it’s a popular trope in storytelling itself. I’m sure there are many studies on why exactly the underdog appeals to people, why it’s generally the “natural outcome” in storytelling.

Recently, I’ve encountered a few stories that have left me wishing for more cases where the underdog… doesn’t win.

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Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Matsumoto City Edition)

After the Chuo Alps, we went straight to Matsumoto City.
It’s one of the bigger cities in the prefecture.

I believe Matsumoto City also has the liveliest night life scene in the prefecture, with quite the downtown / red light district. Plenty of host / hostess clubs, snack bars, massage parlors, regular bars, hotels, and all that. Even on a Wednesday night though there were quite a few people out, drinking and staggering around.

Culturally the highlight is Matsumoto Castle, which is basically right in the downtown area.

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Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Kiso City Edition)

After stopping at Magome, we arrived at Kiso City. It’s a beautiful little city tucked in between a small valley with a river running through it. Because the valley is tight, the city basically climbs up the side of a mountain, making it a multi-level city.

You can click on images to enlarge them.

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