Finding Positivity In Your Blog!

Have you ever felt like you aren’t getting enough from your blog?
Has writing become a chore?

Say no more! I, Yomu, have the answer you’ve been searching for!
Below is my sure-fire way to put a positive spin on your day and re-motivate you to the fullest! 1 out of 1 bloggers surveyed (me) recommend this technique!

clannad nagisa.jpg

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I Tried Out The “New” WordPress Block Editor; Some Thoughts

As the title suggests, I recently tried out the WordPress block editor, otherwise known as Gutenberg. While I know it’s been around for a while now, I figured I may as well write about my experiences with it, as I have since reverted back to the classic editor.

There are aspects that I liked and aspects I disliked about the block editor. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then maybe these points can help inform your decision.

haruhi threat point

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It’s Rewatch Time.

A while back I posted about 9 anime I wanted to rewatch, and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually started to follow through with this!

What can I say? I’m a man of my word.

To be honest though, this is something that sort of just happened, or began to happen. And so far, the nostalgia has been outstanding.

This post is my attempt to stall for time while I get some of these rewatch posts ready.


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My Anime… Guilty Pleasures.

We’ve all got those anime that we love that just hit the spot, right?
Ratings, popular opinion, and well thought out arguments mean nothing when it comes to those special anime or anime genres that can do no wrong.

Maybe it’s not a genre, maybe it’s just a single character. Or a type of character. Just something that makes even the most intolerable anime tolerable. Calling it a guilty pleasure may not be the best way to describe it though, because enjoying certain aspects of an anime shouldn’t be associated with guilt.

How about… anime vice? Anime indulgence?

The ecchi take on this idea might be something like … “If it has breasts, I’m in!”.
Anyways, I’ll divulge some of my own anime vices / indulgences here.

jormungand koko hekmatyar

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9 Anime on the Rewatch List

Lately I’ve been seeing anime come up that I’ve been wanting to rewatch for quite some time. My most recent rewatch would be that bunny girl anime, which feels less like a rewatch and more like an extended watch, because I just watched it twice in a row.

Anyone else just scroll through your anime list every once in a while?

I do it pretty often, and when I realize that I can’t remember half of the anime I’ve seen beyond a few details, I know it’s primetime for some rewatches.


So much nostalgia!

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