Anonymity on the Internet is Slowly Dying

Recently, I booted up my old iPod (4th gen nano) and enjoyed listening to one of my old music collections that’s basically only there, and on a hard drive back home in Canada. It’s a ~235 song playlist composed primarily of melodic dubstep, with some electronic, and some older techno songs sprinkled in. I spent a lot of time making it back in the day, grabbing every song from YouTube and properly naming them all, remixes and all.

And well, my iPod isn’t doing too well anymore. The buttons don’t respond like they used to, and it’s clear I’ll need to buy a new mp3 player before long. So I had the idea of making a playlist on YouTube with all of the songs from this collection, to basically archive it for myself and make it easier to access in the future.

And then I figured, “Why don’t I make the playlist and share it for others? Surely there are other people out there who would like to listen to this playlist.” And the process of looking into that is what’s made me realize that it’s slowly becoming impossible to be anonymous on the Internet.

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Blog Post #649

Once again I wanted to write something, and now that I’ve managed to finally catch the little moth that kept appearing and disappearing in my room, I can focus on my laptop without the moth dive bombing into my face from the darkness.

But I wasn’t sure of what to write about, as always. Didn’t see any real good writing prompts to work off of and couldn’t think of anything, but I’ve been keeping my eyes open anyways.

So it’s just a general purpose blog post this time around.

Slime Anime Slime Rimuru Tempest Goblins
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The Future of Commercial Anime

Recently, I had a thought in regards to anime and it’s current commercial nature. As we know in the West, anime is something we consume typically either in the form of physical media (DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.) or on the Internet. And I’d wager that the Internet is by far the largest channel through which we consume anime.

But in Japan, obviously that’s not quite the case. Anime is still heavily restricted and commercialized via major broadcast networks, and it’s main channel of distribution is TV.

The question is, how long will it remain this way?

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You are the main character of your own life.

I’m sure we’ve all thought this before.
You are the main character of your own life.

We all only know what we know, and anything beyond that we can only imagine. That’s life.

And it’s not life that I want to talk about here, but instead how it’s often told in anime (and manga by extension, but I’m just going to say anime from here on out) via storytelling, and then how that storytelling can affect us.

Relevant post theme:

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8 Random Tidbits From Living in Japan

I know I wanted to write about Japan, but then I got here and settled in and whatnot, and I realized that a lot has already been covered somewhere before, for example mainstream tips like “don’t rub your chopsticks together”, that I’d read a million times prior to coming here. So I tried to come up with some other things that I hadn’t known.

Even these points probably have been mentioned before.
But they’re pretty minor things, so maybe not!

So let’s get into 8 random tidbits I’ve picked up so far from living in Japan for a couple of months. In no particular order.

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