This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 3 – Criticisms of Some of the Art + The Perfect Screencap!

Hey everyone. It’s me, Yo-Rembrandt-mu!
Artist extraordinaire and expert art critic, here to deliver some hard hitting criticisms of some of the art from episode 3 of This Art Club Has A Problem!

But first, a little background on myself. I received my first Best Art Ever Award when I was only 6 years old. The first of many – I currently have 7 Best Art Ever awards, my works currently displayed on the fridge prove this. Since then I’ve spent my life improving upon my technique and abilities as an artist. I recently finished a masterpiece called The Two Owls, featuring two owls, and am also currently working on a new piece that I plan to call Sal the Golden Retriever.

As you can see, this job is a piece of cake for someone as accredited as myself.
Let’s critique some art, shall we?

You can find the Episode 3 Themes List here.


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Pastel Memories – Episode 3 Review

Another anime has been affected by the virus, and a different 3 girls go in to save it. Seems like this will be how the average episode plays out.

Unfortunately this episode shares many of the issues of the first two. The anime overall so far has felt like I am missing something. Maybe having prior knowledge of the referenced anime (assuming all the anime worlds actually have real life references) or the Pastel Memories game would help with this.

pastel memories doll toss.jpg

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This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 3 Themes List

It’s time for This Art Club Has A Problem! (Konobi) episode 3 themes for the collab!

In case this is the first you are seeing of this collab, here is the overview:

  • The anime is This Art Club Has a Problem!
  • Each week, for each episode I will post a list of themes.
  • Pick a theme, watch the episode, and write a post about it!
  • You are free to write however you wish, and as much as you wish.
    Just be sure to write about your chosen theme in relation to the episode!
  • Please tag the post the theme list post where you got your chosen theme (ex. tag this post for episode 3) so that I can keep track of everyone’s posts. I will also update this post with a list of everyone’s posts as we go.
  • Have fun!

In case you missed a previous episode:

Episode 1 Themes
Episode 2 Themes

It’s never too late to join in!

Write at your own leisure, and commit as much as you’d like to this collab. Themes may come out weekly but you do not need to keep this pace. After the collab is over I will post a list of everyone’s posts for every episode so that no one misses anything.

And with that let’s get to the episode 3 themes.

cute strap.jpg

Konobi Ep 3 – Cute Strap Edition

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Anime A to Z: O – Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.

Ore Twintail ni Narimasu, what’s that about Yomu? I’ve never heard of it.

Oh, it’s only the twintail manifesto in anime form!! Anyone who knows anything about twintails should have seen this anime at least twice. And all TRUE anime fans appreciate a good pair of twintails on a woman..

You really haven’t heard of it?
Well, neither had I until a few weeks ago.

Ore Twintail ni Narimasu is one of those anime where you know exactly what you are getting yourself into after reading the synopsis. And then you quickly realize that you still weren’t prepared for what was to come after beginning the first episode.


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Selecting A Best Girl

Lately I’ve been selecting best girls from the anime that I watch.
This harkens back to a time where I used to try and maintain a favourite female anime character, aka a waifu.

I remember when I started out watching anime, I used to think to myself “This girl will be my waifu”. And then I would promptly forget about them or move on.
(Sorry Kaname Chidori. At least I remember you, for what it’s worth).

This was a poor reflection on either my judgement, or my loyalty. It happened several times and I realized that waifus are just not for me. I was just selecting them for the sake of it, and so I stopped doing it completely. No more keeping a girl as my favourite, just in case I needed to drop that knowledge (I never did, not even once).


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This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2 – Sometimes It’s the Small Things In Anime

After I had watched episode 2 I realized that maybe I shouldn’t have picked yet another theme that causes me to pay more attention to whats going on in the background.. but that’s what happened. So here we are, with some nice moments from episode 2.

You can find the episode 2 themes list here.
Consider joining in! It’s never too late and puts a fun twist on watching anime.

Sometimes it’s the small things in anime that make it great!


This look reminds me of a certain waitress from another anime…

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