Anime A to Z: X – xxxHOLiC (Spoiler-Free Review)

I managed to find something for the letter X with xxxHOLiC! An anime about a boy who can see the supernatural in his everyday life. And it’s a real bother for him, but luckily he happens to enter the store of a peculiar woman who says she can grant his wish…

This review will only cover the first season, because I haven’t seen the second one. I thought about watching it, but decided there are so many other anime I’d like to watch, as well as all the anime I’m already currently watching, that I decided to just end with the first season, which was already a good 24 episodes.

xxxholic yuuko.jpg

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Anime A to Z: W – Weiß Survive

Check another anime off the A to Z list.
With this there are only 3 letters to go!

The anime I chose for W was Weiß Survive, a series of 2 minute episodes that I believe were released online in promotion for a card game called Weiß Schwarz. I don’t know much about it but judging from the anime it’s a card game that uses characters from all sorts of popular anime like Fate:Zero, Haruhi, et cetera.

I watched both seasons of this anime because the episodes were so short anyways. It still ends up being shorter than a regular anime season.

weiss schwarz anime michi

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Anime A to Z: V – Vandread!

Vandread, the anime that got me into anime.
It feels like a lifetime ago, despite only being 5 years.
It’s amazing how much can happen in such a short period of time.

It’s also amazing how many details I manage to forget from anime over the years. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy Vandread on this rewatch. I thought that maybe my tastes in anime have changed, and that this would lead me to not enjoy Vandread as much as I did the first time. While Vandread got me into anime, my perception of it looking back was of an average anime, and one that had several aspects I disliked.

My memory has managed to fail me again.
I was wrong – Vandread is a great anime!

vandread hibiki.jpg

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Anime A to Z: U – Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 Review

I’m back so soon with another A to Z post!
While I can’t promise that I will finish anime V in a week, I did manage to finish Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) in that time. Well, a little more than a week because I was partway through when I published my anime T – True Tears post.

We really are closing in on the end of the A to Z challenge.
How will I decide to watch after it’s over?

This review will contain spoilers, because there are some plot points I want to write about. I’ll leave a warning before going into spoiler territory though, so just be aware of that.


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Anime A to Z: T – True Tears Review (Spoiler Free)

And just like that, it’s time for another anime A to Z review!
Feels like just yester- it’s been a month since my last A to Z post?!

The closer I get to the end of the anime A to Z challenge, the more time I seem to spend watching and writing about things outside of the A to Z challenge. I guess there’s no rush though!

This time around I decided to watch True Tears, a drama anime that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’ve never really jumped into a drama anime because it was a drama anime. I’ve seen drama before in anime, but this anime is designed around it.

So, how was True Tears?

true tears title.jpg

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Rozen Maiden (2013) Review

With season one and season two out of the way, it’s time to look at the third and final season of Rozen Maiden.

As you know, I ended up really enjoying the original two seasons of Rozen Maiden.
Jumping right into the more recent 2013 rendition of Rozen Maiden was something else.
In a good way!

Going to write this with minimal spoilers, like I did with the last two.
If you STILL aren’t convinced on Rozen Maiden, then perhaps this final review will do something about that!


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Anime A to Z – R: Rozen Maiden (S1)

It’s been a month since I’ve advanced with the Anime A to Z challenge!
I have actually now finished both S1 and S2 of Rozen Maiden, but I am going to write about S2 in a seperate post. I also plan on watching the third season / alternate 2013 version.

I wanted to pick something longer to watch, considering the last two anime I covered were 1 and 2 episodes long.

Still, I’m a bit surprised myself that it’s taken me a month to watch 24 episodes!
It’s not Rozen Maiden‘s fault though – I’ll take the blame for this one.

shinku rozen maiden.jpg

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