Tackling Angel Beats!’ Biggest Criticism

As promised, now that the spoiler-free review is out of the way, I can get to writing some of my more specific thoughts about Angel Beats!, and what better topic to look at than the one that I feel like most people end have talked about?

So let’s take a look at Angel Beats!’ biggest criticism.

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Hanamonogatari – Suruga Devil, Part Four

We left off last episode with Suruga Kanbaru just about to hear the story about how Rouka Numachi began collecting the various body parts of the devil. And so, let’s hear it.

Also featuring some info regarding cars in Japan at the end, because the topic sort of comes up in this episode.

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Nekomonogatari: Shiro – Tsubasa Tiger, Part One

From one Nekomonogatari to the next!

Here we are with Tsubasa Tiger, which for me personally is one of the most memorable arcs in the Monogatari Series, as it’s the only one is told from Tsubasa Hanekawa’s perspective. And it’s one of the few that is not told from Koyomi Araragi’s perspective.

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