Overreliance of Future Possibility in Anime

Alternatively titled – “The Problem With Summer 2019’s Isekai Anime“.

This is just a thought I’ve had recently, something I’ve noticed while following along with the following three anime: Arifureta, Maou-sama, Retry!, and Isekai Cheat Magician (while I’m not following it here, you can find my posts on Maou-sama, Retry! over at Ecchi Hunter!). I’m not watching the isekai mom anime, so really the issue is just with the above three isekai titles.

It’s something I’ve realized thanks to these three anime, but it’s present in all sorts of anime, intentionally or unintentionally.

An overreliance on future possibilities in anime, or as I like to call it, “passing the buck”.

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暁Records – ココロコイシ-Eyes-

Half the fun of these posts is deciphering the Japanese song name.

I believe the translation for this is Heart Koishi -Eyes-.
Alternatively it could be Koishi Heart -Eyes-, that might be the better interpretarion. It sounds better to me at least.

But the literal translation is Heart Koishi -Eyes-, so that’s what we’ll go with.
What’s that, Koishi isn’t actually a word?

That threw me off too, until I found out that Koishi is a Touhou character, specifically the one featured in the video. I’m learning more and more about the Touhou universe without ever having played or watched a single game, but hopefully that will change soon.

Translation aside, here’s the song:

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Ikkitousen Season 1 Review

The first time I ever watched Ikkitousen was a very long time ago.
Probably around 5 years or so.

So I was excited to revisit this anime now that I’ve been moving back into the ecchi space which I had left for a while. Plus I’ve been on such a spree with anime rewatches lately that this felt like a great anime to go back and watch!

And with that… how was Ikkitousen Season 1?

ikkitousen hakufu
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Clannad Episode 10 – Master of Violin

You know how I know that the Fuko arc is truly over?

That cryptic story about the girl and her little friend made out of junk was the very first scene in this episode. I’m hoping that my opinion of it changes as it becomes more relevant to the story, but at the moment it’s just sort of annoying seeing these little clips of the girl and the junk friend.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the play that the theatre club ends up putting on, or something like this. There’s probably more to it than that too, so I’ll try my best to pay attention.

Clannad Ep10 Kotomi Violin4.jpg

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