Unpopular Anime Opinions Tag

All right, let’s get another tag post crossed off the list.

This one is the Unpopular Opinions Tag, although I feel like my Throwing 8 Overrated Anime Under the Bus post was probably more of an “unpopular opinions” post than this will be.

Let’s give it a whirl though.

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Unpopular opinion #1 – sometimes nightcore > the original song.
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Anime Studio Challenge: 8bit's Rewrite (Review)

Funny story, I was actually planning on re-watching Rewrite, and then I didn’t have to thanks to this anime studio challenge.

And.. that’s the story.

So the studio / producer this time is 8bit, who actually has worked on plenty of other anime such as Infinite Stratos, that slime anime, The Fruit of Grisaia + sequel and more.

Anyways, from what I’m seeing, Rewrite looks like 8bit’s best work.

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Blogger Recognition Award 3: Blog Hard With A Vengeance

Well well well, look what we have here folks.
Another Blogger Recognition Award.

I don’t mean to brag, but, this is the third one I’ve won now.
Look, some blogs are just better than others. That’s just how it is.
And this happens to be one of the best blogs to ever exist,
second only to The Joe Rogan Experience.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Been a while since we had this one on the blog.

Normally, I’d write some humble words about this amazing blog of mine and how grateful you should all be for being able to read these words, but this time I’m going to do things a little differently and skip that part. Because I’m very generous. Really, I’m the best when it comes to being humble about these things, let’s be honest.

So I’ll spare you all this time.

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Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Matsumoto City Edition)

After the Chuo Alps, we went straight to Matsumoto City.
It’s one of the bigger cities in the prefecture.

I believe Matsumoto City also has the liveliest night life scene in the prefecture, with quite the downtown / red light district. Plenty of host / hostess clubs, snack bars, massage parlors, regular bars, hotels, and all that. Even on a Wednesday night though there were quite a few people out, drinking and staggering around.

Culturally the highlight is Matsumoto Castle, which is basically right in the downtown area.

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