Grancrest Senki Halfway Thoughts

Hmm.. normally I don’t write my halfway thoughts. But there are some things I wanted to write about Grancrest Senki so far, and I’m worried that they won’t be relevant enough in the second half of the anime to bother writing about in my final thoughts post. So a halfway post it is.

Grancrest Senki is a pretty lucky anime, getting 3 posts from me. If you missed it, you can find my predictions for the anime here. I’ll also be writing another post seeing how they held up + final thoughts once I’ve finished the anime. But for now I had a couple of things on my mind that I wanted to write about.

This one shouldn’t be too long of a post anyways.

This guy was a total show-off. Why don’t you use a proper weapon dude?

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I Was Wrong.. (Darling in the FranXX Final Thoughts)

All right, so my calculations regarding what would happen in Darling in the FranXX were off. My predictions were slightly out of line with what happened. I wasn’t thinking large enough back then. I forgot to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. If you were to go back and read my predictions post, you would not have an accurate idea of what happens in the second half of the anime.

I was wrong.

But you know what?

In my heart of hearts I know that I was right.
(I wasn’t).

So let’s get this over with quick, and then I’ll give my final thoughts on the anime.

Darling in the FranXX Spoilers Ahead.


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Obligatory First Post



Welcome to my anime blog about my anime related thoughts / ideas.

I realize that creating a blog in 2017 is basically 10 years too late to start a blog, but I’m not really trying to get a lot of traffic or become popular – mainly I created this blog because none of my friends are into anime and instead of just talking to myself about anime I figured I might as well just plaster my thoughts onto the internet so that I can talk to myself on the internet instead of just in person.

I also want to learn WordPress, improve my writing ability, and have something that I can do in my spare time (currently unemployed so I figure doing something like this will slow down the process of turning into a potato).

Being a potato doesn’t look so bad really

So what can someone expect from this blog?

I know there are already plenty of people writing about anime out there right now – all of whom are better at writing, conveying thoughts, judging anime etc. so serious discussion and analysis of anime is probably something I won’t do. Building on that I don’t plan to break down individual episodes of an anime or even review / rate anime. I think that there are better opinions to look to if you are looking for that sort of content.

Instead I plan to post about basically whatever anime related topic is on my mind. I don’t keep up with weekly new episodes, as I prefer to watch one anime at a time instead of jumping around between many. So I won’t really be posting about currently airing anime either, instead focusing on already completed anime seasons. Can’t really say more than that, just wait and see.

Other than all that, I’ll just mention a couple things about myself – I’m Canadian, and have watched about 260 different anime (thanks MyAnimeList!). That’s all you needed to know right?

Thanks for reading!