Elfen Lied (Spoiler Free Review)

So the other day I ended up watching Elfen Lied over the span of one day.
I just had nothing else going on at the time.

So here’s my review of it.

Spoiler free, because I just can’t bring myself to spoil anime unless it’s a sequel or I’ve covered it before on the blog.

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Anime Studio Challenge: A-Craft’s Ousama Game The Animation (Spoiler-free Review)

Continuing on with the A studios / producers, we’ve got A-Craft, and their only listed work – Ousama Game The Animation. At first glance, you may notice the 5.01 rating and think “oh no”, but… well…

I’ve gotten through all 12 episodes of the anime in one piece, meaning it can’t be that bad right? Right.

Once again, this will be a primarily spoiler-free review, as I won’t name names or delve into the plot itself. However, I HAVE to talk about the tone, pace, and things like this if I’m to sort this anime out properly. In addition, if it’s mentioned in the anime’s synopsis, I’m considering it fair game here.

So no plot details spoiled, but some aspects will be spoiled…

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Anime Studio Challenge: 8bit's Rewrite (Review)

Funny story, I was actually planning on re-watching Rewrite, and then I didn’t have to thanks to this anime studio challenge.

And.. that’s the story.

So the studio / producer this time is 8bit, who actually has worked on plenty of other anime such as Infinite Stratos, that slime anime, The Fruit of Grisaia + sequel and more.

Anyways, from what I’m seeing, Rewrite looks like 8bit’s best work.

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Anime Studio Challenge: 81 Produce’s Salaryman Kintaro (Spoiler-free Review)

Been a while since I’ve tackled one of these, or so you’d think! In reality, I accidentally skipped over this studio (producer) and watched anime for the next 5 or so studios before coming back to this one.

Well, 81 Produce isn’t a studio, but a producer. They’ve worked on some big titles, like Konosuba, Kakegurui, and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. But I’ve seen all of those, so I opted for something different – Salaryman Kintaro!

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