Yomu Reviews Matija’s Review of Hanasaku Iroha

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is I, Yomu, review reviewer.
I’m back after many months of relaxation, due to a lack of demand in the review review market. Worry not, as I collect royalties on all of my published review reviews, so I am doing just fine.

Some testimonials from my last review review:

wow, a review of a review. that’s pretty brilliant – TPAB~

…I love it… – Yomu

I like this. you’re pretty encouraging and nice. – TPAB~

maybe too nice… – TPAB~

As always, please comment below if you’d like your words to be featured in the next review review.


Pictured – Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer

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Yomu Reviews Gabrily’s Review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

Welcome back, everyone.

It’s just about time for another review review.
I was planning on writing this a few weeks ago, but I never got around to it… every three weeks or so seems to end up being about how long I usually go between review reviews anyways I guess!

This will be my second review of a MAL review.
You can find the last MAL review review here.


Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer.

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Yomu Reviews Mirandajennlv1’s Review of Violet Evergarden

That’s right everyone.
Review reviews are back!

Things were really slowing down for a while there. The WordPress anime review review market just isn’t what it once was – and so I’ve made the executive decision to find a new source of anime reviews to review! And of course what better place to explore than MyAnimeList? A treasure trove of reviews that will not only keep the review reviews flowing, but also use a different style of review from what we typically see here on WordPress.

This will be the first of many MyAnimeList review reviews to come!


Picured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer.

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Yomu Reviews Yomu II’s Review of WeeaBroDerek’s Review of No Game No Life

Welcome back everyone. How do you do? Today we have a special treat. I will be conducting a review review review, something that you likely have never experienced before now. Usually these things are done behind the scenes, as I have been coaching Yomu II, my understudy, for many years. Due to a shortage in review review requests (please help, we need more review requests – Yomu II), which Yomu II has told me is the result of a downturn in the review market, I will instead publish this review review review for your viewing pleasure.

I am disappointed that my original review for WeeaBroDerek’s review of Violet Evergarden was lost in the mail. The postal service just isn’t as reliable as it used to be. I am grateful that Yomu II decided to step in and produce a review review in my place – deadlines are deadlines, and missing one would tarnish my reputation as a review reviewer.

It is not often that an amateur’s review review is published internationally like this, you see. Which is why I believe that the situation is perfectly suited for a review review review.

As always, previous review reviews can be found here.


Picured: Yomu the Anime Review Review Reviewer.

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Yomu II Reviews WeeaBroDerek’s Review of No Game No Life

Hey everyone. Yomu II here. I’m actually Yomu’s understudy, and I also help him to publish review reviews online, as he doesn’t know how to use a computer and only writes using a typewriter.

Master Yomu is actually on vacation for the next few weeks, and he forgot to fulfill one of his requests. Yomu is pretty particular about getting requests done in a timely fashion. He sent me a telegram letting me know that he has mailed over the transcript, but I fear that the transcript was lost in the mail. And seeing as his transcripts are written via typewriter, there’s no real way to “reload” the lost review review.

Not wanting to disappoint, I’ve taken it upon myself to fulfill this review review request. I’ve been studying under Yomu for several years now, so I hope that this review review manages to reach the level of quality that Yomu strives for.

Previous review reviews can be found here.


Pictured: Yomu II, the understudy

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Yomu Reviews Aria’s Non-Review of July 2018

Welcome back everyone to another review review. This time around we have a special non-review review, not to be confused with the standard review review. This was a special request by the author, Aria. I, Yomu, am a professional anime review reviewer, but this does not mean I can’t venture out from this framework from time to time. I am a flexible review reviewer, after all.

Previous review reviews can be found here.

Once again, thank you all for joining us.


Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer

First, some kind words from our last review review:

“…professional…” – Plyasm

“Wonderful… the number 1 review reviewer there is.” – Arsene_Lucifer

“…genius…” – moyatori

“Woah… interesting review… interesting stuff…” – WhoAmI?

“Anxiously awaiting the master review reviewer’s next opus!” – EdgyAnimeTeen

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Yomu Reviews Plyasm’s (Initial) Review of Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

We are back for another review review. This time around, I, Yomu, anime review reviewer, will be taking a look at one of the works published by the author Plyasm. It has been a while since we last reviewed a review, with our previous (and first) review being EdgyAnimeTeen’s review, which can be found here.

Some kind words from our last review:

You are the standard to which all review reviewers aspire towards… years of experience in reviewing reviews… (The review reviews) are of a certain transcendent quality, unmatched by us commoners..” – EdgyAnimeTeen

“This was a good read.” – WeeaBroDerek

…more interesting read than I expected… more constructive than I thought.” – Arsene_Lucifer

“…I enjoyed it.” – Jon Spencer


Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer

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