ShinRa-Bansho – ははうさぎ (Mother Right Heron)

The other day I was looking for a feel-good song to use as a post theme for my Nagano mountains post and came upon this one, ははうさぎ, or Mother Right Heron by ShinRa-Bansho. And since, I’ve been hooked!

The song:

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ShinRa-Bansho – 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria)

When I heard this one, I had to write a post for it.
YouTube’s autoplay feature has been giving me a lot of ShinRa-Bansho to listen to lately, I guess the algorithm favours them fairly well after all of the Akatsuki I’ve listened to.

The song this time is called 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria).

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ShinRa-Bansho – Netaminity Theatre "666"

Well now that I’m just branching out to other official Touhou YouTube channels, I have to cover this song next.

I don’t know much of anything about ShinRa-Bansho, but I do recognize one of the arrangers, kaztora, who I believe does the arrangements for songs by another group – Liz Triangle. Not sure if they have a YouTube page of their own though, haven’t seen one, but Liz Triangle worked on First / Next Memory with Akatsuki Records.

Anyways, this isn’t about them, but ShinRa-Bansho.
They’ve got a lot of great songs, so I guess we’ll learn more about them as we go, starting here.

This song is called Netaminity Theatre “666”, and it’s one of ShinRa-Bansho’s popular songs, although they have others with even more views than this one! Don’t mind the freaky thumbnail!

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