ShinRa-Bansho – ははうさぎ (Mother Right Heron)

The other day I was looking for a feel-good song to use as a post theme for my Nagano mountains post and came upon this one, ははうさぎ, or Mother Right Heron by ShinRa-Bansho. And since, I’ve been hooked!

The song:

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ShinRa-Bansho – 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria)

When I heard this one, I had to write a post for it.
YouTube’s autoplay feature has been giving me a lot of ShinRa-Bansho to listen to lately, I guess the algorithm favours them fairly well after all of the Akatsuki I’ve listened to.

The song this time is called 純情アルメリア (Pure-Hearted Armeria).

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ShinRa-Bansho – Netaminity Theatre "666"

Well now that I’m just branching out to other official Touhou YouTube channels, I have to cover this song next.

I don’t know much of anything about ShinRa-Bansho, but I do recognize one of the arrangers, kaztora, who I believe does the arrangements for songs by another group – Liz Triangle. Not sure if they have a YouTube page of their own though, haven’t seen one, but Liz Triangle worked on First / Next Memory with Akatsuki Records.

Anyways, this isn’t about them, but ShinRa-Bansho.
They’ve got a lot of great songs, so I guess we’ll learn more about them as we go, starting here.

This song is called Netaminity Theatre “666”, and it’s one of ShinRa-Bansho’s popular songs, although they have others with even more views than this one! Don’t mind the freaky thumbnail!

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イノライ (Inorai) – ツナガル セツナ (Tsunagaru Setsuna)

Hopefully that is correct, not sure if it’s a name or I’ve missed something. Perhaps “tsunagaru” is a wordplay of some sort? I’m fairly certain that Setsuna is a name, just not sure about the former word.

Anyways, what we have here is another Touhou music group… circle? I figure I may as well branch out to other official YouTube channels that do this sort of music, because I enjoy writing about them.

This time it’s Inorai, a group that contains some folks that we’ve actually heard before from Akatsuki Records, with the arranger ACTrock and vocalist Cheluce in this group. An example of a song they did together under Akatsuki Records was 花言の葉 / Flowery Petals.

The song this time is called ツナガル セツナ (Tsunagaru Setsuna).

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暁Records – Necromantic

Akatsuki Records is out with another song on their YouTube, released on Valentines’ Day.

The song is called Necromantic!

I’d like to point out that it feels like the Japanese are better at English wordplay than we are, because wordplay is ingrained in their own language. Maybe it’s because of all the exposure I’ve had to Japanese media compared to English media over the past several years, but it certainly feels like they are more apt to try out wordplay in the first place than we are. Necromantic is a pretty cool one.

And it’s basically what you’d expect, a sort of zombie themed romance song. Something that both Chihiro Furuya and friend of the blog Lynn could get behind, I’m sure!

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Best of: 暁Records!

Best of their YouTube releases, at least.
The songs that I’ve covered here, once per week, until there were none left to write about! Time flies.

I figure I can’t just end it there. I also have no idea when they will add another song. It’s been 3 months, so maybe soon, but it all depends on whoever is creating the PVs for their songs, because that seems to be the requirement for them to put a song on the YouTube channel for all to hear.

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暁Records – First Memory / Next Memory

This is it folks, the final song on the Akatsuki Records Youtube channel. After this it’ll probably be only once every few months, depending on how often they release new PVs for songs.

And I’ve saved the best for last.
Or at least, the longest for last.

I’m still not sure where I’d rate this one, but here it is: First Memory / Next Memory, a song that is essentially two songs in one! I believe they are separate songs on the official album, but for their YouTube it seems they decided to string them together.

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