Tsukuyomi ♫♫

There’s another Japanese group alongside Minami ♫ that I’ve been listening to lately, once again thanks to YouTube’s algorithms (which I have to commend, they really do a good job at suggesting similar content that I’d enjoy).

And that’s Tsukuyomi!

Quiz Magic Academy anime chibi catgirls
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Minami ♫

Been a while since I’ve posted anything music related recently.

And seeing as I haven’t posted as frequently lately, I figured we could get two birds with one stone here.

The artist I’d like to put out there this time is Minami.

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Checking Out Some Vocaloid Music

Vocaloids are an interesting thing. I only ever really knew about Hatsune Miku, I didn’t even know that there were many different ones. Kagamine is another name that I’ve heard come up various times from some of my students at school, so they definitely aren’t obscure here in Japan, at least among the children.

Anyways, just trying out new songs on YouTube ended up getting me into a cool artist called inabakumori / Inaba Kumori (稲葉曇) who makes songs using vocaloids for the vocals. And some of these songs are pretty awesome, so I figured I’d share them here.

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暁Records – リバーストリガー (Reverse Rebirth Trigger)

And here we have the second Akatsuki track that was released recently, part of the HELLOHELL album. This one, Reverse Rebirth Trigger, was released on YouTube on July 29th.

The name for this song is a fun little play on the katakana リバース (“rebasu”), which can both mean “Reverse” and “Rebirth”, as that’s what both of these words end up becoming when converted into kana. So while リバース (“rebasu”) is only written once in the title, it can simultaneously hold both meanings.

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暁Records – 酔生夢死 -Hedonism-

The song this time is 酔生夢死 -Hedonism-.

酔生夢死 basically means something along the lines of drinking until you die, or drinking your life away. The dictionary definition is “idling one’s life away”. But the kanji, in order, are “drunk”, “life”, “dream”, “death”, so you can sort of infer the meaning from that haha.

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