8 More Anime Clichés, For No Particular Reason

Let’s look at some more anime clichés! No theme to these, just a list of some more clichés. I’ve already written 2 posts containing various anime clichés, why stop there? The first one had a theme of clichés that I wasn’t a fan of, the second didn’t have a theme… and neither does the third…

Previous posts can be found here: (Post 1 & Post 2).

And with that, here are 7 more anime clichés, for no particular reason!


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5 Times I Cheered For The Antagonist / Villain

Sometimes you just gotta cheer for the opposition. Maybe the anime didn’t develop the “good” main characters enough, or maybe you just don’t like them. Or maybe you actually sympathize with the enemy. Or the antagonist / villain is just a really interesting character. Whatever it is, it happens sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s ever explicitly intended, but it’s an interesting occurrence.

And with that, here are 5 times I cheered for the antagonist / villain in anime. Not a top 5, so the order doesn’t actually hold any significance here.


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Top 10 Monogatari Locations! — EAT Monogatari

Hey everyone!

I’m still currently finishing up an anime, and haven’t posted anything in a few days now on this blog – but I just recently posted something on EAT Monogatari! Check it out and maybe follow the other blog if you like the Monogatari Series! 🙂

Until next time!

It’s been a while since there has been a post on this blog! So you know what that means.. Yep, I’m doing another list! This time we will be looking at the top 10 locations in Monogatari. It’s a topic that has been on my mind for a little while now, because when you think […]

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Anime Clichés 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Ever since I published my first post on 7 Anime Clichés I Could Live Without, I’ve been thinking of more clichés!

A mainstay of anime, clichés play an important role in comedy as well as other areas. I think that some clichés are great at first, but quickly lose their appeal. Others are just part of Japanese culture I guess? Or maybe it’s just anime culture.

Anyways, here are 8 more anime clichés that we have all witnessed at some point.

When the writing gets tough, resort to clichés.

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Top 12 Recurring Anime Gags

There’s nothing quite like a gag that keeps coming up in anime that while repetitive, manages to make me laugh every time. I’ve watched a few anime recently that gave me the idea of making a list of my favourite recurring gags. The only real requirement for this list is that the gag shows up at least twice. I was a little liberal with this list, and decided to include gag characters, due to their recurring nature.

Also I didn’t count anime where the “gag” is core to the anime itself, for example: Handa Sei (from Handa-kun) and his paranoia. I really enjoyed Handa and his reactions to what was going on around him, but I think that at this level it’s become more than just a gag.


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10 Anime Background Characters That We Can All Appreciate

Background characters really are the unseen heroes of anime. They put up with extremely limited appearances, little to no lines, and get no attention. I decided to change this and shine some light on 10 background characters that I think we can all give a little appreciation. I was a little liberal with the definition of “background character”, but in the end I think I covered a lot of ground with the characters that I chose. Enjoy!

#10. These Two NPCs That Get Beat Up On The Roof

Angel Beats – Episode 6

Anyone else forget about these two? Not only did they play an integral role in the story (not really), but they had to take some punishment too. NPCs overall in Angel Beats are largely ignored, and these two went above and beyond what you’d expect from an NPC. I really had no choice but to give them a spot on this list. We can’t even make out their faces to identify them from past or future scenes. Thank you both for your sacrifice.

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7 Anime Clichés I Could Live Without

Anime is a pretty amazing space, full of countless series across many genres. To someone new to watching anime, this can look like a new horizon of ideas and creativity. To a degree this is definitely true, and anime can get away with much more ambitious scenes and ideas than traditional media because it is not limited by physical filming and production. But despite this huge advantage over regular media, we still see many ideas used over and over again. While I don’t particularly have a problem with reused ideas, there are some clichés that I’ve seen enough of and am ready to graduate from. Here are 7 anime clichés that I would not miss if they were never used again.

“Hello Internet Police? You better send someone quick this guy is criticizing anime again.”

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