Teaching in Japan Stories #2

Well, as the days have gone by I’ve been making little notes of things that have happened or things I’ve noticed that I thought would be fun to mention here.

And now that I’ve got another decent sized list, here we are with another teaching in Japan stories post!

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It’s Time for… The Bee Love Tag!

What are the rules for this tag? I don’t know.
I was tagged a while back by Average Joe Reviews (hope you’re doing alright!), and he wrote about To-Love-Ru.

I’m not quite sure what I should write about for my tag!
I guess this is just a regular post with a tag attached to it for some reason!

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Anime vs. Reality – The Childhood Friend

I’ve gotten some lists full of random tidbits for you all to enjoy, and now I want to get more into the “anime” side of things. Are things really the way they are portrayed in anime?

As for the post theme, I want to dedicate it to one of the first graders (JHS, so grade 7 equivalent) at my main school who plays this song on the piano extremely well.

The guys are all obsessed with playing Megalovania from Undertale, and they pretty much all just play the exact same DUDUDUDU part over and over. A few of them can actually play more of the song than just that though.

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Japan Life Update: School Edition

So I was going to write another list post about random tidbits you maybe didn’t know about Japan schools, but first I figured I’d give an update on where I’m at and what’s going on in regards to that!

Also because I ended up including a bunch of disclaimers that took up half the post last time before realizing I should just throw this info all in one post. So the list will come later.

Post theme:

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8 Random Tidbits From Living in Japan

I know I wanted to write about Japan, but then I got here and settled in and whatnot, and I realized that a lot has already been covered somewhere before, for example mainstream tips like “don’t rub your chopsticks together”, that I’d read a million times prior to coming here. So I tried to come up with some other things that I hadn’t known.

Even these points probably have been mentioned before.
But they’re pretty minor things, so maybe not!

So let’s get into 8 random tidbits I’ve picked up so far from living in Japan for a couple of months. In no particular order.

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Yomu in Japan: Nagano Edition

As I mentioned last time, I’m no longer in Tokyo.
I’ve since moved to Nagano prefecture!

At this point I’m closer to Japan’s northern shores than the southern ones, and quite far away from Tokyo.

As you’d expect of Nagano, there are mountains all around.
And so this post is dedicated to all these beautiful mountains!

Let’s get a post theme in here:

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Yomu in Japan: Cherry Blossom Edition

So on March 13th I took a one-way flight to Japan, and have been here since. I went through some brief training, made some friends, and have seen a good deal of Tokyo.

Currently I am awaiting news on the status of my apartment that the company has found for me, and I’ll keep the location of that a secret for now…

Anyways, things really aren’t that crazy here compared to what I’ve been reading about how things are going in the West. Which is why I’ve been able to go out and secure many photos of the things I’ve seen in Tokyo, and what better place to start than with the cherry blossoms?

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