Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 10 & 11) A Lynn and Yomu Collab

We’re back with some more Sankarea discussion!

This time around, Lynn and I cover episodes 10 & 11, the episodes that appear to be the climax of the series. We will have to wait for episode 12 to know for sure.. Still, we found plenty of reasons to bash the protagonist, Chihiro, once again. Something that has become our favourite pastime in these discussions!

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Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 6 & 7) – A Lynn and Yomu Collab

Lynn and I are back with more zombie girlfriend mayhem from the zomromcom Sankarea! A story about a boy and his love for zombies. What could go wrong?

In case you’re not up to date, here are our past posts from this collab:
Episode 1
Episodes 2 & 3
Episodes 4 & 5

And here we go with episodes 6 & 7!

sankarea rivalry.jpg
Episodes 6 & 7 – A rivalry is brewing…

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Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 4-5) – A Yomu and Lynn Collab — Lynn Sheridan

Hey Everyone.

In case you missed it, Lynn Sheridan and I have a collaboration going on for the zombie / ecchi anime Sankarea where we discuss our thoughts! It’s been a fun anime so far, so you should check it out. 🙂

reas mother.jpg
Or don’t.. baka!

This week we covered episodes 4 & 5, which you will find on Lynn’s blog here:
Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 4-5) – A Yomu and Lynn Collab — Lynn Sheridan

You can also find the introductory post for this collab on Lynn’s blog.

That’s all for now!

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 2 – 3) – A Lynn and Yomu Collab


Lynn Sheridan and I continue on with our journey through the zomromcom (term coined by Lynn – zombie romantic comedy) known as Sankarea, Undying Love. The anime about a boy and his love of zombies. A boy who.. likes zombies a bit too much. But I get ahead of myself, as the zombie-related events have only just begun!

In case you missed it, here is part one of our collaboration, where we looked at the first episode of the anime. You should check it out for our first impressions on the show before continuing on with this post!


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Konobi Collaboration Afterthoughts

I did it, I didn’t write “This Art Club Has A Problem!” in the post title this time!
I feel like too many post titles contain those words on this blog.

It’s time for a change.

Overall, I think the collaboration was a lot of fun. I consider it a success, despite some faults. Consider this post a summation of my thoughts on the Konobi collaboration and what we can do with the lessons learned here.

I’m writing this just as much for myself as I am for you.
Maybe more for myself actually.

art club.jpg

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This Art Club Has A Problem! Collaboration Posts Archive

For past, present, and future posts of the Konobi collaboration.
As always, anyone can write a post for this collaboration at anytime, and I will add it to this list.

Consider it a challenge or something, should you ever be interested in watching This Art Club Has A Problem! / Konobi! The theme lists will be here as well, so you have everything conveniently in one place for the next time you decide to watch Konobi.

Konobi cast all together

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This Art Club Had A Problem… (Episode 12)

Thank goodness we got to see Collette in the final episode – I was getting a bit worried.

You may think that this is the end, but there are a few more Konobi related posts that I’d like to write in the coming weeks (even though my blog has been plagued with Konobi posts for the last several months haha). A recap post, a post listing everyone’s posts, and a post to talk about the collab and my thoughts on it – how it went, what I’d consider improving, etc. I have learned quite a bit and have plenty of ideas thanks to this collab. So stay tuned for more Konobi posts I guess!

All this time I’ve been putting something off – core themes. And so, not to be outdone by Jon, I too have decided to take on multiple themes for the final episode of Konobi. In fact, I have chosen three core themes + one episodic theme. Basically, in order to not be a liar, I have decided to complete all of the core themes I didn’t do, because I said I would try and cover them all at some point (the episodic themes were just getting too fun!), and I can’t turn down bashing Subaru.

For what better way to end the the collab than with a bang?

Farewell Collette.

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