Selecting A Best Girl

Lately I’ve been selecting best girls from the anime that I watch.
This harkens back to a time where I used to try and maintain a favourite female anime character, aka a waifu.

I remember when I started out watching anime, I used to think to myself “This girl will be my waifu”. And then I would promptly forget about them or move on.
(Sorry Kaname Chidori. At least I remember you, for what it’s worth).

This was a poor reflection on either my judgement, or my loyalty. It happened several times and I realized that waifus are just not for me. I was just selecting them for the sake of it, and so I stopped doing it completely. No more keeping a girl as my favourite, just in case I needed to drop that knowledge (I never did, not even once).


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Collab Update & Another Blog Post!

I wanted to write a post just to officially confirm details for the collab!
(If you don’t know what it is you can read about it here).

The anime will be This Art Club Has a Problem!.
The collab will begin on Jan 7th.

Everyone is welcome to join in!

Stay tuned for my post with episode 1 themes at 12pm (EST) on Jan 7th.
I think I’ve come up with some good ones to choose from!

Most of the responses I received regarding the anime choice were in relation to This Art Club Has a Problem!. I apologize if you were more interested in True Tears – but maybe this anime can be used in a future collab or something (I have a few other ideas, but one collab at a time!), because I was also a bit interested in the anime, which is why I suggested it as a potential option. I guess we’ll see!

So yeah, mainly wanted to confirm that now so you all have a few days notice at least before I post the epsiode 1 themes. I think you probably already knew this or figured as much, but hey might as well get the official word out.


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My Great Collab Idea – What it is, and how YOU can participate! (A WordPress Aniblogger Collaboration!)

I’ll preface this post with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Lately I’ve been mentioning that I have been itching to start a collab with someone, because I have what I believe to be a fun idea for a collaboration. Last post that I mentioned this I got quite a bit of positive responses!

So first, a big thank you to everyone who expressed interest.
There were enough of you that I decided to expand this idea into something that any number of people can participate in – a great WordPress Aniblogger Collaboration!


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Blog Post 118 – Yomu Addresses A Concerned Fan

Umai Yomu Anime Blog,Ā  post 118.

The posts have been slowing down lately. What has gotten into Yomu? He used to be so energetic and funny in his somewhat frequent posts. Lately it’s all been Anime A to Z posts, which all turned out to be reviews. I miss the old Yomu, who reviewed reviews and published all sorts of CRAZY groundbreaking content. The old Yomu, who took the blogging sphere by storm and won Rookie Anime WordPress Blogger of the Year (citation needed). The Yomu who dazzled the world with his poetry, and became a prestigious elite in the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers, along with many, many other renowned titles. It feels as if a shadow has been cast upon the blinding light that was Yomu’s blogging career….

A Concerned Fan
(Definitely Not Yomu)

We’ve made it to blog post 118! Nothing special about this number, but here we are.

The thing is, I recently was contacted by a fan of mine… and they expressed deep concerns as to my blogging activity of late. And you know what? My fan is right. Whoever wrote these concerns is clearly an extremely intelligent and fantastic individual, I bet we would get along very well.

In response to these concerns, I’ve decided to write a blog post with no real structure.


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