5 More Anime Guilty Pleasures

Let’s get some more anime guilty pleasures in here, because a big one just came to me. I’m actually guilty of it as we speak! You may remember that I’ve written a post like this before

Although re-reading it, I don’t feel really guilty about anything I wrote there. So I feel like I should double down with some TRUE guilty pleasures here!

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Yomu in Japan: Nagano Edition

As I mentioned last time, I’m no longer in Tokyo.
I’ve since moved to Nagano prefecture!

At this point I’m closer to Japan’s northern shores than the southern ones, and quite far away from Tokyo.

As you’d expect of Nagano, there are mountains all around.
And so this post is dedicated to all these beautiful mountains!

Let’s get a post theme in here:

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Around the Anime Blogging Community: Only the Best (Week 1)

Hey everyone, I just recently had a brilliant idea.
A real stroke of genius, I must say.

What if I published weekly recap posts featuring all of the best anime blogging posts of the past week? And then posted it on a Sunday, to finish off the week? I think I might be the very first to come up with something like this!

And so that’s what I’m going to do, starting with this past week.
A weekly roundup post that will help me to better connect with the rest of the aniblogging community. That way I can sleep soundly knowing I did my part in strengthening the bonds between us all.

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