Celebrating the Blogger Recognition Award

This is part three of the Blogger Recognition Award, an award where I, Yomu, attempt to give this blog, the Umai Yomu Anime Blog, the recognition it deserves.

Surely I can’t keep this going for another post?!

Well, I could.
But I won’t.

Because I’m a man of the people, which you should all know by now.


It's Not Easy Being This Successful!

We’re back with part two of the Blogger Recognition Award, which is an award about recognizing and celebrating all of the accomplishments and glory that this blog has achieved.

Post theme, totally unrelated:
(It’s actually a really good song, just fyi.
Only the best music here on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog.)

this is the best blog out there!

Lynn Has A New Blog, Sort Of. Check It Out Here!

Hey everyone, just a heads up that my good friend and our fellow blogger Lynn Sheridan has finally taken the plunge and completely re-branded as The Otaku Author!

It’s something he’s been working on for quite some time now, and pondering for even longer, so I wanted to share his introductory post just in case you missed it, because Lynn has been spamming us all with his Dr. Stone posts ever since and it may have been buried for you!

But you can find out why he’s doing that and more details of his rebranding below, so definitely click through and check his post out if you haven’t read it already.

Did anyone get the license plate of Truck-kun? Don’t panic, I haven’t actually been Isekaied, but my website has! As a result, this is the beginning… the very first post in a new adventure! 641 more words

Have I Been Isekaied? (Starting From Zero) — The Otaku Author