Shuffle! (Episode 6) – Stuffed Cat

Last episode Kaede was sick, and I was wondering why we hadn’t seen much of Primula. Looks like they decided to address that with this episode.

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Shuffle! (Episode 5) – The Common Cold

Last episode focused on Nerine and her cooking ability. It was a pretty lighthearted episode, and to be honest, this series so far has been very lighthearted.

It doesn’t feel like anything too exciting has happened since episode 1..!

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Shuffle! (Episode 2) – The Struggles of Maintaining a Harem

Last episode we were introduced to our protagonist, Rin, who lives with his childhood friend Kaede. In addition, two girls have become his neighbours – Nerine and Sia, who are the daughters of the Devil King and God King, respectively. On top of that, we met Rin’s senpai Asa.

What we ended up with is 4 girls in the proverbial anime harem, surely they couldn’t add anymore than that already! Right?

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Shuffle! (Episode 1) – A Peaceful Life Disturbed

It’s time for me to start watching a new anime for the blog – Shuffle!

An anime that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen, but it’s marked complete on my anime list. I think what happened though was that I watched the first episode or two, moved onto something else, and then months or years later saw it on MyAnimeList and assumed I had finished it.

I’m 99% sure I have never finished Shuffle!
So this will be as fresh as it gets for what I believe is an anime classic?

Here we go!

Kaede Fuyou
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