Pastel Memories – Episode 3 Review

Another anime has been affected by the virus, and a different 3 girls go in to save it. Seems like this will be how the average episode plays out.

Unfortunately this episode shares many of the issues of the first two. The anime overall so far has felt like I am missing something. Maybe having prior knowledge of the referenced anime (assuming all the anime worlds actually have real life references) or the Pastel Memories game would help with this.

pastel memories doll toss.jpg

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Pastel Memories – Episode 2 Review

Well, I had some expectations for episode 2 of Pastel Memories.
The previous episode ended with quite the cliffhanger.
So how did episode 2 actually turn out?

Not awful, but not amazing either I think.

pastel memories ED.jpg

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Pastel Memories – Episode 1 Review

It’s time for the first episodic review on this blog!

I decided to watch a couple anime from Winter 2019 on a weekly basis, first of which is Pastel Memories. Watching anime like this is something I’ve never done – I’ve always binged anime one at a time, so this will be a little different for me.

Let’s talk about Pastel Memories Episode 1!
I believe spoilers are par for the course with episodic reviews, so I shouldn’t have to write a warning for each episode, but I’ll hint at it here anyways.

pastel memories.jpg

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