Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 3 – Tsubasa Family, Part Three

Tsubasa Hanekawa has been taken over by a cat.
After nearly killing Koyomi Araragi, Meme Oshino has decided to step in and take responsibility for dealing with this development himself.

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Anime Vs. Reality – The School Swimming Pool

Yep, it’s a somewhat (very) random subject to bring up.
Of all the things I could write about, I chose the school swimming pool.

Just like when I wrote about the Childhood Friend, this is just something that I noticed and then thought about how it compared to what I’d seen in anime. Seeing as this is an anime blog, I wanted to write about it.

Konobi Collette in her swimsuit
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Anime Studio Challange: A-1 Pictures’… Eromanga-sensei! (Spoiler-free Review)

So we’ve come across what appears to be a pretty big anime studio… A-1 Pictures. Have any of you heard of this one?

Anyways, after looking through so many options, I decided to watch what I imagine is A-1 Pictures’ magnum opus: Eromanga-sensei! If any anime will give me an idea of what this studio is about, it’s Eromanga-sensei, right?

I figured that was the case.

Alright, here we go folks.
The defining anime of A-1 Pictures… are you ready?

Spoiler free, of course.
I just can’t bring myself to spoil content in my reviews anymore.

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Should the Underdog Always Win in Anime?

My recent Unpopular Opinions post, specifically the question asking about “a trope that I’m tired of” or something along those lines, left me wanting to write more about the topic.

This one isn’t even really exclusive to anime, it’s a popular trope in storytelling itself. I’m sure there are many studies on why exactly the underdog appeals to people, why it’s generally the “natural outcome” in storytelling.

Recently, I’ve encountered a few stories that have left me wishing for more cases where the underdog… doesn’t win.

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Anime Studio Challenge: 8bit's Rewrite (Review)

Funny story, I was actually planning on re-watching Rewrite, and then I didn’t have to thanks to this anime studio challenge.

And.. that’s the story.

So the studio / producer this time is 8bit, who actually has worked on plenty of other anime such as Infinite Stratos, that slime anime, The Fruit of Grisaia + sequel and more.

Anyways, from what I’m seeing, Rewrite looks like 8bit’s best work.

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